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Fannatic Fann Club (FFC) was established in 1995. Formerly known as Fann Supporting Group (FSG), we are recognised as Fann's ONLY Official Fan Club by Fann, MediaCorp Singapore and Hype Records (Fann's record company then) since 1998. The club attained official legality from the Registry of Societies, Singapore (ROS) on 18th April 2000. With a mere member count of just 5 in the early days to an estimated 500 free-of-charge memberships, nearly 300 converted their memberships to become our official Fannatic Fann Club members which requires a membership fee. We have now a threshold of hundred estimated members populated all over the world regardless of age. Members were ranging from age as young as 5 yrs old to the age of 65 yrs old that come from all walks and corners of the society. Our official memberships are open to all fans in the world!


FFC had participated in most of the FANNtastic events just to mention a few; "Yue Liang De Mi Mi - Preview Screening by GV", "Fann Wong ~ My Story in Concert", "Star Awards 2000" , "Fann's Birthday Bash 2001" and of course not to forget "Star Awards" every year.  Limited tickets are given to FFC to attend Fann's studio recording, and live TV shows. Private Gatherings are planned yearly, subjected to Fann's schedule, to let members meet up close with Fann. Wherever Fann has events, FFC will definitely be there to support Fann, sometimes even overseas! To join our big family, click here now!

  club activities

The Club participates in all of the Fanntastic events involving Fann locally, sometimes even travelling to neighbouring countries if possible.  Members are informed of Fann's latest updates via email, or can also find the information at the FFC forum!  Members can check out FFC blog on writeups of the events attended!