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Telecast Date: 27 May 2009, Weekdays, 9pm

  Cast: Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Li Nanxing


Years ago, Ye Song Nian, the boss of Phoenix Corporation, raped his employee, Zheng Wen Yu, who was already pregnant with her husband's child at that time. Months later, both Wen Yu and Song Nian's second wife, Su Zhen, give birth to daughters in the same hospital and due to the nurses' negligence, the identities of the baby girls were swapped.  Wen Yu discovers that her biological daughter suffers from congenital heart disease. Out of a mother's desire for her child to receive the best medical care coupled with hatred towards Song Nian, she decided to capitalize on the situation by perpetuating the mistake.  Thus, Ye Yu Chen and Fang Song Qiao, whose identities were swapped, grew up in two disparate environments.
In his old age, Song Nian goes into semi-retirement, having handed the running of his company to his god-sister (Jiang Ruo Lin) and sons (Ren Xiao and Ren Yi).  Ruo Lin's son, Ren De, works in Song Nian's company. Yu Chen also holds the position of an AVP. 

On the surface, the family seems to be a harmonious.  However, beneath this facade, everyone is eying Song Nian's position, clamouring to gain Song Nian's favour so that they might be entrusted with an important role in the company. Having grown up in such a scheming and manipulative environment, Yu Chen's survival instincts are honed. 

Song Qiao's childhood, on the other hand was filled with unhappiness. Wen Yu vents her hatred towards Song Nian on her. She was often scolded and beaten for every little mistakes made.  Song Qiao bears with it in silence and grows up to be a lawyer. 

When Song Qiao was young, she had an extraordinary encounter with a boy, Sun Jie.  Sun Jie's father, Sun Nan Hai, had been a conman and was made a scapegoat in a kidnap.  The young Sun Jie resorted to theft to support his younger sister, Sun Min, until he became Song Nian's foster son.  He and Yu Chen get along very well.
Over 20 years later the girls, whose identities had been swapped at birth, get acquainted through a molest case.
Yu Chen's god-brother, Ren De, molests an employee, An Qi. The righteous Song Qiao takes Ren De to court.  Ruo Lin is worried that Song Nian might learn about the case. Yu Chen volunteers to resolve the issue.  Yu Chen initiates an out-of-court settlement and demands a huge compensation but Song Qiao is persistent on hauling Ren De to court.  Though on opposing ends, the girls could not help but admire the other's strength and character.
Phoenix Corporation has grown into a conglomerate over the years; its business includes overseas casinos and luxurious cruise.  The aged Song Nian is undecided who should be his successor.  Song Nian's oldest son had been killed in a botched-up kidnap years ago (unknown to all, this has been Ruo Lin's doing).  Second son, Ren Xiao, is secretly obsessed with Ruo Lin and blindly supports everything she does, pushing for Ren De's succession of Song Nian's empire and treating his own wife, Yuki, coldly.  Su Zhen's son with Song Nian, Ren Yi, is ambitious but incapable, often messing up what he sets out to achieve.  Fortunately for him, Yu Chen is always at hand to help clear his mess.

Yu Chen grew up in an environment of distrust and she is constantly embroiled in vicious struggles with Ruo Lin's clique. Due to her ability to keep her cool and turn situations around, she finally gains her father's trust and becomes the CEO of Phoenix Corporation.

Yu Chen had had an unforgettable relationship. Three years ago, she met the famous Zhang Feng, dubbed as God of Gamblers, in Macau and had planned to marry him. However, he vanished on the eve of their wedding, and was never seen again. Rumour has it that he has been killed by his enemies. Yu Chen refuses to believe those rumours and she continues to harbour the hope of his return. She meets Zhou Da Zhi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Zhang Feng (though the two are polar opposites in all other areas), and is convinced that the two are actually the same person.

A-Da is a bona fide gambling addict who is skilled in all forms of the vice and has problems keeping a job. Helpless, his wife (A-Bao) recommends him for the job of a cleaner at the café where she works. Yu Chen is convinced that A-Da is Zhang Feng, who might have suffered from amnesia due to some accident, but the latter doesn't even know her.

Sun Min is Sun Jie's younger sister, and has been a fan of the art of gambling since she was young. She had aspired to learn from the God of Gamblers and upon a chance encounter with A-Da, becomes obstinately convinced (like Yu Chen) that A-Da is the God of Gamblers. To her, this is God-sent and knowing that the God of Gamblers doesn't accept female disciples, she hits upon the crazy idea of male impersonation, entering the cafés' service disguised as a man hoping to learn gambling from A-Da.

The master baker at the café is Fang Song Qing, Song Qiao's younger brother, who has been nicknamed Prince Cake because of his strapping good looks. “Infiltrating” the café as a guy, Sun Min thinks otherwise. To her, he is no more than a simple and honest guy whose world revolves around cakes. Unknowingly, they start to develop feelings for each other. As Song Qing has yet to realize Sun Min's gender, hilarious situations occur.

A-Da starts to become confused. He's been directionless all his life, and due to Yu Chen and Sun Min's persistence that he is the God of Gambler, he begins to question his own identity. He starts to believe he might be the God of Gamblers, and that he had suffered from amnesia due to an accident and that A-Bao had rescued him and brought him to Singapore to escape the f eu d in Macau . He subconsciously eases into the role of the God of Gamblers.

Song Qiao meets Sun Jie again and the latter falls in love with her. Song Qiao is unaware that Sun Jie is a prodigious thief until the appearance of the Interpol, He Chao Qun. He Chao Qun is seemingly interested in Song Qiao, and is determined to nab Sun Jie. Song Qiao makes the painful decision of ending her budding relationship with Sun Jie upon realization of his identity. Sun Jie loses his “gift for theft” to a hand injury during an accident, plunging him into the abyss of despair.

After exchanging her daughter for Song Nian's all those years back, Wen Yu has been secretly concerned about her daughter. She tries to get close to Yu Chen. Unable to contain her emotions any longer, she finally blurts out Yu Chen's real identity, much to Yu Chen's shock. After regaining her composure, Yu Chen is thrust into an emotional turmoil. For the power and status that she has fought so hard to gain, she cannot reveal her real identity, especially to the Ye family. She schemes to prevent Wen Yu from divulging the secret and at the same time, fends against Song Qiao, trying to obviate her contact with Song Nian. She even causes Wen Yu's death accidentally in her attempt to stop the latter from telling the truth. Hence, her life starts to go into turmoil.

In the course of Chao Qun's investigation into Wen Yu's death leads to the unraveling of her rape by Song Nian. Song Qiao vows to bring Song Nian to justice, but stumbles upon the shocking revelation of her true parentage and is confused. Yu Chen's true colours are revealed and this kindles Song Qiao's suspicion that the former had been behind the deaths of Wen Yu and Ren Yi.

A-Da cannot bear to see Yu Chen isolated and steeped in her criminal ways. Thus, he chooses to stay guard by her side though deep inside, he knows that Yu Chen would ultimately trudge upon the path of no return.

30 多年前,凤凰集团老板叶松年强暴了女职员郑文玉,当时郑文玉已经怀了丈夫的孩子。几个月后,文玉与松年的二姨太素贞,在医院同时产下女儿,因为护士的疏忽,两女身份对调,文玉发现自己的女儿患有先天性心脏病,为了让女儿将来有更好的医药照料,加上对松年的怨恨,她决定将错就错。于是,两个女婴:叶予晨、方宋乔就此身份对调,在两个迥然不同的环境长大。

郑文玉把对叶松年的恨移嫁在方宋乔身上,动辄打骂,注定了方宋乔的悲苦童年。方宋乔默默承受,成长后当上了律师。老年的松年,进入半退休状态,将公司交给干妹妹蒋若琳打理,儿子仁孝、仁义、和若琳的儿子仁德都在公司任职,予晨也是其中的一个部门助理总裁。一家人表面相处融洽,其实都在觑觎松年的位子,希望得到松年的重用,拿到集团的管理大权。予晨从小在这样一个钩心斗角的环境里长大,造成了她积极求存的性格 ……


2008 年,相隔二十多年,一场非礼案的小官司,让从小被掉包的方宋乔和叶予晨再次碰头 …… ,


这么多年来,凤凰公司已经成为一家大财团,拥有各种物业、国外赌场,还有一艘豪华邮轮。老年的叶松年一直拿不定主意,要将自己的权势交给谁。大儿子叶仁忠早年被绑架撕票(其实是被蒋若琳所害),二儿子叶仁孝暗迷恋上蒋若琳,盲目地跟她同一阵线,扶持叶仁德,冷待妻子 Yuki 。沈素贞的儿子叶仁义,徒有抱负和野心,却能力不逮;一心想在父亲面前有所表现,却每每弄巧反拙。幸亏常有叶予晨为他遮风挡雨,让他得以继续保有一定的实力,与叶仁德分庭抗礼。

叶予晨从小在这种尔虞我诈的环境长大,与蒋若琳等人的斗争白热化。她能够顾全大局的气度,逐渐赢得父亲的信任与赏识,攀上凤凰集团的总裁高位。叶予晨曾有一段刻骨铭心的感情。 3 年前,她在澳门邂逅了年轻成名、绰号“赌神风”的章风。就在两人结婚前夕,章风失约,从此失去踪影,传言他被仇家杀害。叶予晨深信章风还活着,一直没有放弃等待。直至她遇见了周志达,确定外貌与章风酷似的阿达就是章风,纵然阿达与章风是迥然不同的两个人。




阿达开始对自己的身份混淆了,一直过得 浑浑 沌沌的他,被叶予晨和孙敏步步 “ 进逼 ” ,要他承认他就是当年叱侘赌场的赌神风。她们描绘他当年的风光事迹,一向沉醉赌博的他,不禁产生疑惑,以为自己真的是赌术高明的赌神风,因为意外,失去了记忆……甚至怀疑自己是在失去记忆后,被阿宝救了,将他带离是非地,来到新加坡;他情不自禁的代入赌神风的身份,迷失了自己 ……

方宋乔重遇孙捷,孙捷对方宋乔产生好感,开始想“偷”方宋乔的心。宋乔不知道孙捷的神偷身份,直到国际刑警何超群出现。何超群对方宋乔似有情又似无意,一心要将孙捷绳之以法。宋乔得知孙捷的真正身份,痛下决定,选择放弃这段感情。一次意外,导致孙捷手受伤,失去偷窃的神力,孙捷的人生陷入黑暗 ……

郑文玉自从把女儿交换给叶松年后,多年来一直默默暗中关心女儿的动静,甚至忍不住接近叶予晨,最终说出叶予晨的真正身世。叶予晨从莫大的震惊里沉淀了下来,心理起了巨大的变化,身体里潜伏着的野心显露出来。为了维护她辛苦夺来的权位财势,她不能让任何人知道她的真正身世,尤其是叶家的人。对郑文玉,她虚与委蛇,劝阻她说出真相,对方宋乔,她处处戒防,不让她与叶松年接触。为了不让母亲说出真相,她还错手导致郑文玉死亡,一步步走向不归路 ……

何超群调查郑文玉的死因,揭发当年郑文玉曾经遭叶松年强奸,方宋乔誓言将叶松年绳之于法,却惊悉叶松年是自己的亲生父亲,大为震惊。叶予晨的狰狞面目被揭穿,方宋乔怀疑郑文玉、叶仁义都是叶予晨所害 ……

阿达不忍心看到叶予晨越陷越深,孤立无援,只好选择守护在叶予晨身边。但是他知道叶予晨最终走的是一条不归路 ……

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