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Lilian pays her respects to Dazhong and asks him to bless Kexin. She meets a man who tells her that he can solve her problems. Lilian is duped into bringing him home and is cheated of a large sum of money. 

Kexi tries to get a withness to lie that someone had spiked his drink. The lawyer discovers it and warns that he may be charged with perjury as well. 

Jiaming takes Kexin out and urges her to confide in him. She mistakes him for Director Zhou and hits him with a rock. 

Jiazhen likes Xueping and is sad to learn he is married. He tells her that he is having marital problems and will probably get a divorce. 

When confronted, Xueping tells Wanyu that his wanting a divorce has nothing to do with Jiazhen. He is well aware that Wanyu covets the Tang fortune. 

Wanyu is infuriated when Weiye tells her she has no right to ask for the company’s shares. 

Wanyu meets Jiazhen when the latter pays Xiaoning a visit. Seeing how unreasonable Wanyu is, Jiazhen sympathises with Xueping and urges him to fight for his own happiness. 

Lilian and Keyi argue when preparing a meal. Keyi is invited to join a German dance troupe, but wonders whether the time is right for her to leave. 

Kexi finds out that his friend, Sam, had a part in cheating Lilian. He confronts Sam and is again hauled to the police station, for allegedly molesting Sam’s girlfriend, Sandra. 

Jiaming takes Kexin to the columbarium, so that she can face up to Dazhong’s death and move on with her life. (Source: 8 Days)

家明去探望可欣,见可欣还是呆呆的没有反应,于是带她去山顶,希望能让她心情开朗些。家明情深意切,抓着可欣的肩膀,要她把心事说出来,他愿与她分担。不料可欣把他当成周董,忆起不愉快的事,把家明打伤后,仓皇逃走。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




Kexin stabilizes with encouragement from Jiaming. The others are happy when she resumes yoga sessions and has breakfast with them. 

Kexi offers to go to the hotel with Kexin. On the way, he sees Sam and asks Kexin to wait for him. Sam tells Kexi frankly that he had hung out with him for his money. He then beats Kexi up. 

Kexin goes to the hotel by herself when Kexi does not come back. She reminisces about the past and feels uncomfortable when the staff stare at her. By the swimming pool, she meets Weiye, who takes the opportunity to sneer her for being a lunatic. She pushes him and runs out of the hotel. 

Kexi remembers that Kexin is waiting for him. He rushes to the hotel and is scolded by Weiye. 

Keyi and Kexi realize they do not know Kexin well when Jiaming asks where their sister could have gone. Jiaming deduces that Kexin could have gone to the columbarium and is right. Seeing Keyi and Kexi hug Kexin and reassuring her, he is moved. 

Keyi decide to turn down the job offer. Kexi also learns his lesson. He picks up culinary skills from Jiaming and helps take care of his family. 

Xiaoning mistakes Kexi for Jiaming and gives him a hug from behind at the eatery. Kexi takes the opportunity to declare his feels for her, but she asserts that she is in love with Jiaming and will not fall for another man. 

Kexi prepares curry chicken rice for his family and gives them instructions, as he is afraid he may go to prison. 

Xueping is angry with Wanyu for getting someone to trail and takes photographs of Jiazhen. He decides to start divorce proceedings.

 Upset with Sam, Sandra provides evidence to get Kexi acquitted. 

Weiye scolds Wanyu for pocketing money by abusing her authority. In turn, she threatens to tell Kexin that he had amend Kexin’s medical report. Xueping is shocked to find Weiye trying to strangle Wanyu. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣回酒店,伟业当着众人的面,大声嘲笑她是疯子。可欣一慌之下,把伟业推倒,逃出酒店。可欣不见踪影,家明、可怡、可喜四处寻找,最终在骨灰塔找到她。可怡惊慌失措,可怡和可喜紧紧地搂住她,表示无论发生什么事,两人都会在她的身边。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




Xueping saves Wanyu from being harmed, but she refuses to tell him that is going on. Discomfited, Xueping goes through Wanyu’s things and discovers she has planted a pinhole camera in Weiye’s room. 

As Wanyu has a hold over him, Weiye has no choice but to promote her and give her five per cent of the shares. Jason is unhappy and tells Weiye he deserves credit as well. Weiye asks Jason to have a chat with him in the evening over drinks. 

Dazhong appears in Kexin’s dream and urges her to pull herself together. The next morning, she dresses up and foes to work. She discovers that her staff and family did not like the way she was in the past. Yet again, she cuts herself off from the rest of the world. 

Kexi tries in vain to learn how to make curry chicken. A tour guide takes customers to Jiaming’s shop. What the tour guide says makes Kexi realize he would make a good guide. Xiaoning agrees. 

Kexi decides to sign up for a course in tour guiding. He asks Xiaoning to join him. Mindful of how thoughtful he is when she sprains her ankle, she declares that if her heart were not with Jiaming, she would fall for him. 

Lilian is worried about Kexin’s condition but refuses to let Jiaming take her to the mental health institute. 

Weiye tells Jason that Wanyu has a hold over him. Jason knows that if Kexin really loses her mind, Wanyu will lose control over Weiye. 

Weiye makes plans to sue Kexin for causing grievous hurt. Kexin and Lilian try in vain to persuade him to let her off. Kexi suggest that they let the doctor certify Kexin is insane, so that Weiye cannot proceed. Keyi and Lilian object. 

Jiaming accidentally stumbles upon Weiye’s relationship with Jason. He takes photographs of them and forces Weiye to lift the charges against Kexin. 

Jiaming gets the mental health institute staff to take Kexin away. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣病情反复,令丽莲担心。家明建议送她到心理卫生学院接受辅导和治疗,丽莲不答应。伟业对可欣发出律师信,要控告她暴力伤人,可欣得知要上法庭,情绪再度失控。可喜和丽莲分别哀求伟业撤销控状,反被伟业羞辱一番。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




 Kexin is sent to the mental health institute for a check up. Lilian is infuriated that Jiaming has taken things into his own hands. 

The doctor tells Lilian that Kexin’s condition is not serious and she should recover with medication. Kexin is not optimistic, as she is certain that which is genetic cannot be cured. 

Lilian is unable to find a job. She meets a former classmate, to undergo retraining and join the hotel industry. 

Keyi and Lilian are upset with Kexi, who cannot seem to concentrate on his studies. 

Lilian undergoes training and starts work in a hotel. Keyi notices that Lilian avoide Weiye and realizes how hard she is trying to cope. She decides to get a job as well, to lighten the family’s burden. 

Keyi’s good friend, Jessie, knows Keyi gave up the chance to join the German troupe because of her family. She had wanted to go to Germany to further her dancing career and had hoped that Keyi would go with her. She calls on Lilian and urges the latter to let Keyi go to Germany. Presuming that Keyi and Jessie share an intimate relationship, Lilian tells her off. Keyi is so angry that she leaves home with Jessie. 

Keyi tells Jessie that Lilian is prejudiced against dancers and that has caused their relationship to be strained. 

Kexin’s condition improves and her relationship with Jiaming deepens. Jiazhen and Jiakang are worried that her illness will affect the next generation. Jiaming does not mind.He makes the decision to take care of Kexin for the rest of her life. 

Weiye begins to show signs of insanity, which leads Wanyu to suspect that Weiye is the one who inherited the illness. She keeps track of his actions and blackmails him. 

Xueping overhears Wanyu asking Weiye for 30 per cent of the company’s hsares. He tries to steal the tape when Wanyu is out. (Source: 8 Days)

伟业的举止渐渐失常,婉玉怀疑他才是遗传了疯癫基因的人,于是把他的举动偷偷录下来,用以威胁他。伟业口口声声说自己没有发疯,并说这是婉玉的阴谋。婉玉要伟业在发疯之前,把百分之30的股份转让给她。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




Xueping finds out that Weiye had fabricated Kexin’s illness. He is disillusioned by his father’s and wife’s actions.

Weiye goes for a checkup and is told he has a high chance of inheriting his mother’s mental illness. He flares up at Doctor Li and warns him not to divulge his analysis to anyone.

Though Lilian has hurt her hand, she still has to work. Keyi decides not to go to Germany. She manages to get a teaching job. Seeing how his mother and sister have changed because of the family, Kexi feels inferior. He takes Xiaoning to the Merlion Park and vows that he will get his tour guide permit.

Xueping looks Keyi up, hoping to tell her the truth, but Keyi refuses to let him into the house. At the foot of the block, Xueping sees Jiaming and Kexin returning home. As Kexin feels afraid seeing Xueping, the latter has no chance to tell the truth.

Wanyu discovers that the tape has gone missing. When Weiye denies taking it, Wanyu suspects Xueping. She hires someone to injure Jiazhen.

Wanyu tells Xueping to return the tape, otherwise Jiazhen will suffer a worse fate. She tells Xueping that she is trying to save the Tangs’ fortune, as Weiye is the one who is mentally unsound.

Wanyu tells Xueping she needs to get the shares from Weiye before he loses his mind completely. If Kexin becomes aware of the truth, Weiye will suffer.

Seeing how unstable his father is, Xueping returns the tape to Wanyu and distances himself from Jiazhen.

Jiakang and Jiazhen encourage Xiaoning to break Kexin and Jiaming up.

Kexin has a chat with Keyi and tells the latter she realizes she did not treasure what she had in the past. Back home, Kexin meets Xiaoning, who scolds her for being with Jiaming.

Kexin runs away and meets Xueping. Unable to accept how dazed she is, he finally tells her the truth. (Source: 8 Days)

小宁责备可欣自私,明明有病,还和家明在一起,万一以后她发疯了,家明就会受伤害。可欣经不起小宁一连串的责问,情绪崩溃。她来到公寓楼下,遇见学平。学平见她失常的样子,终于忍不住把她没有遗传精神病的真相说出来。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Refusing to believe Xueping, Kexin runs home. She is deeply disturbed by what Xiaoning has said.

Kexin runs away when Jiaming turns up to visit her. Judging by his reaction when she is scolded by a passerby, she comes to realize he is bothered by her illness. She breaks up with him and decides to undergo treatment.

Weiye is unhappy when Wanyu threatens him with the tape and demands 30 per cent of the shares.

Weiye is angry when Xueping refuses to accept the company’s shares. He flares up when Xueping urges him to go for a medical checkup.

During a meeting, Weiye announces that the company will be selling Eastern City and the project will be handled by Wanyu. He tells Wanyu he needs an excuse to convince the shareholders of the impending share transfer.

Keyi’s relationship with Lilian improves and they share a meal with Kexin at the Institute of Mental Health. Kexin agrees to return home, as her condition has improved.

Kexi invites Xiaoning and Jiaming to his home for a meal after getting his tour guide permit. He realizes that Kexin gives him the cold shoulder.

Xiaoning tells Kexin that she will be more miserable is she does not give Jiaming up completely. Kexi scolds Xiaoning for causing Kexin’s last relapse.

Kexi tells Jiaming that he may not mind Kexin’s condition, but Kexin thinks differently.

Xueping tells Kexin that Weiye had bribed the doctor to fabricate her medical records. (Source: 8 Days)

学平告诉可欣她并没有患上精神病,但可欣不相信,她决定接受事实,进入心理卫生学院治疗。伟业将脱售“东方城”的计划交给婉玉负责,并表示如果她把这个计划做好,自己会跟股东建议转售一些股份到她的名下,作为奖励,婉玉将信将疑。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


After listening to Wanyu’s tape, Kexin finally believes what Xueping has said. XUeping begs Kexin not to reveal the truth.

Kexin goes to visit Jiaming but leaves when she sees Xiaoning pestering him. Back home, Kexin yearns to tell Lilian and her sibling the truth, but holds back upon remembering what Xueping had said about Weiye.

Kexin is happy Kexi gets along well with his customers on his first assignment. At the beach, Kexi jumps into the sea to save a drowning girl. Kexin worries when the girl is saved by another swimmer and Kexi is nowhere to be found.

Kexin is relieved when Kexi finally emerges. At his sister’s concern, he relates how her illness has made him change his sloppy ways.

Wanyu has no idea Weiye has set a trap for her in the Eastern City sale. Weiye goes to the law firm to settle the transfer.

Kexin calls on Weiye and is nearly hit by him. She tells Xueping that she wants to help Weiye, as they are family after all.

Keyi is unhappy with her teaching job, but refuses to audition a French dance troupe recruitment exercise. Kexin learns Keyi has turned down a job offer with a German troupe because of her and decides to go for the audition on his sitser’s behalf.

During the audition, Kexin explains Keyi’s situation to the judges and shows them a DVD of Keyi’s performance. Keyi, who is dragged to the audition by Jessie, is moved.

Kexin looks Weiye up in the office. Wanyu suspects Kexin already knows the truth. Kexin plays along by threatening to strangle her to death. (Source: 8 Days)

学平再次找可欣,告诉她所看到的医药报告,是伟业和婉玉买通医生伪造出来的,目的是要彻底打击她,以夺取大中的遗产和唐氏。学平还播出录自婉玉那儿的录音,可欣终于相信自己没有得精神病,不禁悲喜交加。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Jiaming turns up in time to drag her away. A frightened Wanyu runs off in fear.

Kexin decides to test Jiaming’s love for her. She is touched when his loves proves true.

Kexin wants to tell Jiaming she is not insane but stops herself at the last minute. While eating curry, Jiaming proposes to her. She accepts and is scolded by Xiaoning for being selfish.

Xiaoning gets drunk and is nearly molested. Kexi goes to her rescue, but the latter is not grateful. Instead, she vents her frustrations on Kexi.

Weiye tells Xueping he wants to give him all his assets. Xueping accepts the Deputy CEO post reluctantly, much to Wanyu’s chagrin.

Wanyu turns up while Xueping is dining with Weiye. She deliberately provokes Weiye and tells him everything will be hers when he loses his mind completely and Xueping inherits the company. Weiye loses control of himself.

A depressed Xueping looks Jiazhen up. She consoles him and encourages him to do volunteer work with her.

Jessie is about to get married. She asks Keyi to be her bridesmaid. Lilian sees the two girls hugging and scolds them. Both Keyi and Lilian feel bad that they did not give each other a chance to clarify the matter.

Weiye’s condition becomes so serious that Xueping has to send him to an asylum. Wanyu throws her weight about and promotes herself to Deputy CEO.

Seeing how unhappy Xueping is, Wanyu tells him she will agree to divorce him if he gives up his CEO post to her. Refusing, he asks Kexin to help him out in the company.

Jiazhen is ordered to see the dean when Wanyu puts up posters accusing her of being a marriage wrecker. The lawyer turns up when Xueping and Wanyu are arguing. Everyone is shocked when the lawyer announces that Weiye had given instructions to transfer all the assets under his name to Kexin. (Source: 8 Days)

伟业的病情终于爆发,学平将他送入精神病院。婉玉开始在公司作威作福,学平不满。婉玉说只要学平把总裁的位子让给她,她就会马上离婚,学平不答应。他见婉玉对唐氏虎视眈眈,希望可欣可以回来帮他,可欣感犹豫。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Wanyu cannot accept Weiye’s decision. She hopes for an appeal and is infuriated when the lawyer is able to prove Weiye was of stable mind when he had made the arrangements.

Kexin and Xueping are puzzled, as Weiye had repeatedly said he wanted Xueping to take over his place. Kexin assumes Weiye has always hated her and had blurted out her name from his subconscious.

Kexin tells Xueping she is willing to transfer the shares to him, but he is well aware only she can manage Tang Holdings appropriately.

Kexin tells her family all that has happened and also reveals she has not inherited her grandmother’s mental illness. Everyone is relieved.

Kexin returns to work. Seeing how nervous her staff are, she reassures them.

Xiaoning feels awkward facing Kexin and wants to resign. Kexin tells Xiaoning that she will not mix the personal with the professional and will only consider how much Xiaoning can contribute to the company.

On Kexin’s first day at work, Director Zhou turns up and asks her for assistance, as his company is in financial trouble. When she refuses, he tells her to meet him in his hotel room or risk having pictures of her uploaded onto the Internet.

Director Zhou shows the photographs to Xiaoning. Thinking Kexin is touing with Jiaming’s feelings,  Xiaoning shows Jiaming the photographs. Jiaming is upset.

Kexin leaves after giving Director Zhou a tight slap.

Xueping finds evidence to prove that Wanyu had accepted bribes in the Eastern City deal. Wanyu is so angry that she beats Weiye up. When Wanyu is sleeping, Weiye enters her room and steps on her till she is seriously injured.

Wanyu is hospitalized, while Weiye is taken away by the police. Wanyu accepts Xueping’s terms for a divorce.

Director Zhou deliberately makes Jiaming beat him up. He threatens to file charges if Kexin refuses to help him. When confronted by Kexin, Jiaming breaks up with her. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣再次当上唐氏总裁,回到公司上班,她告诉职员之前只是一场误会,自己的精神根本没有问题。婉玉不甘心,恼怒之下,回家对伟业又打又骂。深夜,婉玉正沉沉睡着时,伟业偷偷爬上她的床,在她身上乱踩,把她踩成了重伤。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Keyi is selected by the French dance troupe. Kexin encourages her to pursue her dreams. Lilian is sad that Keyi is leaving but is unwilling to show her true feelings.

Kexin sees pictures of Director Zhou and herself in her email. She agrees to help him if he lifts the charges against Jiaming. She makes it clear that she and Director Zhou can only be business partners.

Kexin tries in vain to find Jiaming, who has decided to suspend his business temporarily.

Everyone is surprised when Kexin resigns and leaves. In her letter, Kexin explains that she is under threat and does not want to do anything that would be detrimental to the company.

Kexi deduces that Kexin must be going abroad. He and the others rush to the airport and manage to find her.

Kexin tells her family everything. Xueping assures her that the company can ask the Court to void the contract, as Kexin was forced into signing it. Still, she does not have the courage to return.

Xiaoning realized that Director Zhou has used her. She apologises to Kexin and promises to find Jiaming.

Kexi helps Xiaoning find her handbag after she is robbed. Feelings develop between them.

Still presuming Keyi is going to France with Jessie, Lilian refuses to send her off. She realizes her mistake after seeing Jessie’s wedding invitation card.

Director Zhou files into a rage when Xueping tells him Kexin has resigned and the contract is no longer valid. Kexin rushes to Mount Faber at word that Jiaming has been seen there. Director Zhou turns up and takes her hostage. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣突然辞职,学平看到她的辞职信,赶来可欣家,众人才发现可欣已经留信离开。可欣在信中表示周董一而再、再而三地用难以入目的照片来威胁她,令她迫不得已签了一份合约,为了不要拖累唐氏,所以必须离开。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


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