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Tang Group is a large conglomerate in the hotel and investment sector. The CEO is a 30-year-old lady, Tang Kexin. 

Kexin had shown business acumen at a young age. She is trusted by her grandfather, Tang Dazhong. Her uncle, Tang Weiye, is scheming with his daughter-in-law, Zheng Wanyu, to oust Kexin. 

The achievement-oriented Kexin makes enemies easily. Work and other pressures mount, and she can see no way of relieving the stress.  

Kexin lives with her mother, Lilian, and her siblings, Keyi and Kexi. Keyi is a dancer, while Kexi runs a sports shop sponsored by Dazhong. The siblings are not close and Lilian is heavily dependent on Kexin. 

Kexin leaves for Shanghai to discuss a deal. She urges Lilian to take care of the ailing Dazhong. Keyi is unhappy about Kexin’s attitude towards their mother. 

Weiye barges in and insists on taking Dazhong away. Luckily, Dazhong wakes up in time to stop him. Weiye is afraid he will lose the Tang’s assets to Kexin. Weiye’s son, Xueping cannot fathom his father and wife’s desire to inherit the family fortune. He is happy being a manager in the company. 

Sun Jiaming runs a curry chicken stall. He takes good care of his siblings, Jiakang and Jiazhen, and whips up a delicious curry. A misunderstanding brings Jiaming and Kexin together. 

Weiye gets the authorities to force Lilian to let him take Dazhong away. Lilian calls Kexin and is told to let Dazhong stay in a hospital.  (Source: 8 Days)

林可欣从小就有商业天分,获得外公--唐氏创办人唐大中的赏识和栽培,并将唐氏的经营大权交给她,此举引起可欣的舅舅唐伟业的不满,担心唐家产业会落在可欣手里,便和媳妇郑婉玉联合,与可欣对抗。可欣不想辜负外公的心血,以强悍的手法经营公司业务,备感压力,幸有经营咖喱鸡小食店的家明的开解。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




On his deathbed, Dazhong dreams of his late wife, Jin, who was mentally ill. In Shanghai, Kexin remembers how she had promised to pull Tang Group out of the red within three years, when Weiye had objected to her taking the helm. 

Lilian is told to ask Kexin to return to Singapore immediately, as Dazhong is in a critical condition. Her assistant, Jason, has been bribed by Weiye to stall her return. 

Director Zhou of Eastern City likes Kexin, but his feelings are not reciprocated. As the company’s chairman will be arriving in Shanghai the next day, Kexin decides to delay her return. 

Jiazhen’s pal, Xiaoning, returns from overseas. She has always been in love with Jiaming and is determined to snatch him away from Kexin. 

Weiye is pleased that Kexin has delayed her return by one day. Lilian keeps a vigil outside the ward, afraid Weiye will get up to no good.

 During the meeting, Kexin suppresses her worries when Lilian and Kexi keep calling on her mobile phone.

 Jason tells Director Zhou that Kexin has a boyfriend in Singapore. Director Zhou takes Kexin to a party and introduces as her girlfriend. He is embarrassed when she denies it and rushes off to fly back to Singapore. 

Weiye tries to force Dazhong to sign a will. Kexin thwarts his plans and finds the fake will in the ward. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣前往上海公干,大中病情恶化。母亲丽莲要可欣尽快回来,伟业却暗中收买可欣的助手Jason,要他拖延可欣回国。大中陷入昏迷,伟业与婉玉串通律师,伪造大中的遗嘱,婉玉潜入病房,拉着大中的手盖上手印。可欣匆匆回国,发现大中拇指上有印迹,当场拆穿伟业与婉玉的阴谋。 (Source: Mediacorp Website)




Kexin proves Dazhong did not draw up the will. To everybody’s surprise, the comatose Dazhong comes round. He is infuriated when told what Weiye has done. 

Keyi is unhappy with Kexin for getting Dazhong worked up, despite knowing his condition. She believes Kexin is just afraid Weiye will usurp her authority. 

Kexi learns the rent for his shop has not been paid. He confronts Kexin and is reminded of the multiple failures of his past. 

Kexin learns a new finance manager has been hired without her knowledge. Unable to control her feelings, she throws some documents onto the floor. Jiaming witnesses this. 

Jiaming takes Kexin to the mountains for some fresh air and to relax. He asks about her relationship with Director Zhou, Just as they are about to kiss, loud music jolts Kexin to her senses. 

Keyi dances in public with a female friend. She is upset when both Kexin and Lilian tell her off for embarrassing the family. Angry that they think she is a lesbian, Keyi drives off in a rage and is involved in an accident. She is hospitalized. 

Jiaming asks Kexin to try his new recipe at his shop. He saves her from an attack along the way. Xiaoning goes all out to make it seem like she is the lady boss of the shop. Both she and Jiaming sense Kexin’s anxiety. 

Kexin is positibe that Weiye is behind the attack. Weiye frinds out that Wanyu was the mastermind. He tells her off. Wanyu senses that he is not in his right state of mind. 

Dazhong is afraid Weiye has inherited his mother’s mental illness genes. He decides to draw up a will. 

Doctor Li tells Kexin that her anxiety is due to stress, not a generic illness. Weiye asks Doctor Li what Kexin had wanted to know.  (Source: 8 Days)

家明要可欣到小食店尝尝最新口味的咖喱鸡,可欣前往时却突然遭人袭击,幸好家明及时相救。家明把受伤的可欣带回小食店,小宁知道可欣就是家明心仪的对象,故意以女主人自居,对家明表现亲热,可欣见了微感不悦,家明与小宁都把可欣的情绪看在眼里。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




 Weiye remembers how bad his mother’s condition was and hopes Kexin really has inherited the illness. Wanyu has her doubts. Weiye tells her that he will make sure Kexin loses her mind.

 Kexin is afraid she will end up like her grandmother. She tries to change. Her staff is surprised when she suddenly becomes very friendly. When something goes very wrong, Weiye and Wanyu are shocked when Kexin merely urges them not to repeat their mistake. 

Jiaming notices the change in Kexin and is happy for her. 

Dazhong gathers everyone to announce the contents of his will. Forty percent of the company’s shares are to go to Kexin, while Xueping, Weiye and Lilian are to get 10 per cent each. 

Dazhong stops Weiye from losing his temper. When Dazhong expresses concern about Weiye losing his mind someday, Kexin promises to keep the family together. 

Wanyu is infuriated that she will get nothing. Xueping has already moved out of their bedroom. However, he promises to give her half of his inheritance if they remain married. 

Wanyu is stunned when Weiye loses control while telling her to deal with Kexin. 

Xiaoning is the new finance manager. On her first day at work, she offends Kexin. 

Xiaoning becomes nervous when she finds out who Kexin is. 

Kexi knows Jiaming is troubled about his relationship with Kexin. He makes use of Xiaoning, hoping that Kexin will be spurred on to accept Jiaming’s love. 

Xiaoning asks Jiaming to pose as her boyfriend on her birthday. Jiaming is disappointed when Kexin tells him to fulfil Xiaoning’s wish. 

At the party, Kexin sees Jiaming kissing Xiaoning. She gets upset. When the Eastern City deal falls through, she loses control and tears up the proposal. 

At the carpark, Kexin is held hostage by Zhiliang, an employee she had sacked. (Source: 8 Days)

大中召集全家人,请来律师,宣布自己的财产分配。可欣获得百分之40的公司股权,而伟业、学平和丽莲各得百分之十。伟业不满,当场发作,被大中压制下来。其实大中最担心伟业遗传母亲的精神病,无人照顾。可欣保证无论发生什么事,都不会丢下家人。(Source: Mediacorp Website)




Kexin comes round with a start and presumes she has only been dreaming. She later realizes that Zhiliang did drag her up the building and had wanted to throw her off the rooftop. She asks Jason to check how Zhiliang is doing. 

Jason tells Weiye what happened. Weiye was the one who had given Zhiliang money to harass Kexin. Jason finds out Zhiliang has been killed in an accident.

 Kexin is shocked to learn that Zhiliang is dead. At the hospital, she hears his mother lamenting that her son had met with misfortune because he was unfairly dismissed. 

Feeling anxious, Kexin goes to Jiaming’s shop. He tries to explain that he had wanted to use Xiaoning to make her jealous. His hopes are dashed when Kexin remains indifferent.

Dazhong tells Kexin that she must have fallen for Jiaming and that is why she goes to see him whenever she is troubled. 

Kexi is happy when Kexin agrees to let him open a pub. The owner unexpectedly increases the rent but Kexi accepts the hike on account of his friends. 

Kexi uses Xiaoning to get Tina off his back. When Kexin intervenes, he tells her to deal with her relationship with Jiaming first. 

Jiaming sees Kexin scolding Xiaoning and Wanyu for using company funds for personal expenses. 

Lilian attends Keyi’s performance for Dazhong’s sake. When she tells her daughter off for making intimate moves on stage, Keyi decides to strip completely. 

Lilian is so angry that she threatens to disown Keyi if she does not leave the dance troupe. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣与生意合伙人开会谈融资之事,对方却暗讽可欣连亲人都不放过,不是理想的合作对象。憋着一肚子气的可欣回到公司,要职员们想对策,但职员都想不出,可欣生气地拍桌大骂。家明找机会开解可欣,劝她不要在职场上树立太多敌人。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Kexin works through the night on the China proposal. Exhausted, she calls on Jiaming and is grateful when he lets her rest and whips up a good meal for her. 

Director Zhou arrives from Shanghai and apologises to Kexin. Weiye and Wanyu get Jason to keep an eye on Director Zhou, in the hope of ruining Kexinís plan. 

Xiaoning realizes Director Zhou is interested in Kexin. She takes him to the eatery to meet his rival-in-love, Jiaming. Both men feel intimidated. 

Keyi is punished by the dance troupe after the stripping incident. She blames Kexin and leaves home after a tiff with her. 

Kexi decides to help Jiaming win Kexinís love. Xiaoning asks Director Zhou for assistance and even accuses Kexin of coming between her and Jiaming. 

Kexin takes Director Zhou to Kexiís pub. She is stunned when he presents her with a necklace and even puts it around her neck. Jiaming presumes she has accepted Director Zhou. 

A drunk Director Zhou tries to force himself on Kexin. The next morning, she is shocked when he claims he has photographs to prove how intimate they were the night before. 

Weiye is happy to learn that Kexin and Director Zhou are not on good terms. Jason realizes Kexin is uneasy when they pass by the scene of Zhiliangís accident. 

Zhiliangís mother calls Kexin and tells her that Zhiliang had appeared in her dream and told her to call Kexin. Kexin loses her temper to her staff. 

Jason deliberately drives past the accident area, making Kexin even more edgy. (Source: 8 Days)

周董突然从上海来新,对可欣殷勤体贴,还当着家明等人的面,向她表达爱慕之意,可欣在众人面前不好拒绝,家明以为可欣接受了周董,心中失望。周董和可欣回酒店,竟趁可欣喝醉酒之际,试图强暴她,可欣及时仓皇而逃。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Kexin visits Doctor Li. He suggests she undergo a thorough psychiatric examination. Feeling edpressed, Kexin goes to see Jiaming, to confide in him. However, as he seems cold and distant, she leaves without saying anything.  

Back home, Kexin feels more stressed when Dazhong reveals he is certain Weiye has inherited the mental illness. He urges Kexin to manage the business well. 

Jiaming remembers how worried Kexin had looked and decides to check on her at the office. Kexin feels awkward when Director Zhou turns up and mentions the night at his hotel room. Assuming Kexin has been intimate with Director Zhou, Jiaming leaves with a heavy heart. Kexin quarrels with Director Zhou, who vows revenge. 

Xiaoning gets drunk while drinking with Jiaming. Jexi takes her home and is moved by her deep feelings for Jiaming. 

Kexin grapples with the findings of the medical report, which states that she has inherited her grandmotherís mental illness. 

Kexin fails to turn up for work. Weiye takes the opportunity to fire Ken and take over Kexinís duties. He even tells Director Zhou about Kexinís illness. 

Weiye takes Kexinís medical report home and urges Dazhong not to hand the company over to Kexin. Dazhong is so angry that he tells Weiye to leave. 

Back at the office, Kexin is infuriated that Weiye has taken over her duties and fired Ken. Even Director Zhou snubs her. 

Kexi does not believe Kexin is mentally unstable. He is convinced she is just stressed out by work and the family. He urges Jiaming to help her. 

Jiaming is unhappy that Xiaoning has not told him about Kexinís illness. 

Jiaming calls on Kexin and withnesses her losing control of herself. (Source: 8 Days)

大中担心伟业遗传了家族精神病,要可欣好好地看着唐氏,千万不能让唐氏垮掉。为了给大中一个交代,可欣鼓起勇气接受精神专科医生的检查。检查结果,李医生告知她的确遗传了她外婆的精神病,可欣无法接受,歇斯底里地夺门而出。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Kexin runs away when she notices Jiaming. She begins to hallucinate about seeing Zhiliang. 

Kexi consoles Xiaoning and finds himself falling for her. 

Weiye and Wanyu are jubilant that they have defeated Kexin. They barge into Dazhongís house with a will and try to force him to sign it. Kexin rushes home and goes berserk again when Weiye accuses her of seducing Director Zhou for the China deal. When Kexin sees Weiye forcing Dazhong to put his thumbprint on the will, she faints. 

Lilian worries when Doctor Li tells her that Kexin has shown initial symptoms of mental illness. She asks Kexi to look for Keyi. Kexi learns that Keyi has gone overseas. 

Jiazhen tells Jiaming off for scolding Xiaoning. Jiaming apologies to Xiaoning and urges her to find out more about Zhiliang for him. Xiaoning learns that Zhiliang was killed in an accident after being fired by Kexin. Jason gets suspicious of Xiaoning for probing into Zhiliangís case. 

Kexi is sad when Kexin hallucinates about Jiaming visiting her. 

Jiaming looks Zhiliangís mother up and learns Zhiliangís death had nothing to do with Kexin. Zhiliang was fired because he did wrong. To make matters worse, his wife was unfaithful. From Zhiliangís diary entry, Jiaming discovers that someone had instigated him to blackmail Kexin. 

Jiaming arranges for Kexin to meet Zhiliangís mother. Instead of telling the truth, Zhiliangís mother sneers at her for losing her mind. Jason has given her money to scare Kexin. 

Weiye and Wanyu tell Dazhong and Kexin to move out within two weeks. Dazhong had been forced to put his thumbprint on transfer papers, not a will. 

Kexin finds a new apartment and prepares to move out. Pressured, she depends on sleeping pills to rest. (Source: 8 Days)

伟业与婉玉心喜计谋奏效,于是乘胜追击,带着律师到大中家,要逼他改签新遗嘱,大中在万念俱灰下被伟业强行盖上了指印。不料伟业限大中一家人必须在两个星期内搬走,原来他逼大中所签的并不是新遗嘱,而是股份和财产转让同意书。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


Keyi returns to Singapore and learns what had happened. She finds Kexin unconscious and sends her to the hospital. She intends to call Kexi and the others, but discovers that she does not have their phone numbers. 

Kexin has had an overdose of sleeping pills. She goes into a coma. Kexi and the others rush to the hospital after returning from the new apartment. 

Keyi is shocked to learn that Kexin has inherited their grandmotherís mental illness and Weiye has taken over the familyís assets. 

Weiye throws his weight about in the office and even gives Xueping a slap in front of Wanyu when Xueping tells him off for being ruthless. 

Xueping loiters in the streets after being slapped by his father. He sees Jiazhen helping an old lady fend off blows from her unfilial son. He tries to help, but gets injured instead. Jiazhen tends to Jiamingís wounds. Her generous character leaves a deep impression on Xueping. 

Xueping feels that he and Wanyu have grown apart. He initiates a divorce. Wanyu refuses to consider it and even expresses her desire to have a child with him. 

Jiaming tries hard to help Kexin regain consciousness. He becomes depressed when the doctor assets that they must be prepared for the worst. 

Seeing how frustrated Kexi is, Sam adds a pill to his drink. A police raid caused Kexi to be arrested. Jiaming has to bail Kexi out. 

Dazhong learns Kexin has been hospitalized. He drags himself to the hospital to see her. Unexpectedly, he dies of a heart attack. (Source: 8 Days)

可欣因吃过量安眠药而昏迷不醒,大中偷偷溜到医院去看她,走到大堂时却不支倒地,他知道自己时日无多,坚持去看可欣最后一面。大中后悔把公司交给可欣打理,害她承受这么多的压力。大中终因心脏病爆发,而在可欣病榻前与世长辞。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


The comatose Kexin has no idea Dazhong has died in her ward. She finally comes round. No one dares to tell her what has happened. 

Weiye takes Dazhongís body away and insists on making the funeral arrangements. He forbids Lilian and her family from attending the funeral and even orders them to move out within two days. Xueping is scolded when he tries to intervene. 

Lilian remembers how Kexin had stood up for her when her husband had abandoned her for another woman. All these years, she has depended heavily on Kexin. When she laments that Kexin should not have inherited the mental illness, Keyi gets angry and argues with her mother. 

Lilian fires the maid and moves to a new place. 

Despite attempts to keep Dazhongís death from Kexin, Weiye deliberately turns up at the hospital to tell her the news. Kexin insists on paying her last respects. 

At the wake, Kexin apologises to Dazhong for not helping him keep the business intact. Weiye wants to throw her out. For the first time, the weak-willed Lilian flies into a rage. 

Unable to tolerate his fatherís behaviour, Xueping goes to the beach for a breather. He meets Jiazhen. 

Since returning from the wake, Kexin has not spoken a word. Jiazhen and Jiakang urge Jiaming to take her on a trip. 

Xiaoning realizes that what Kexin needs is Jiamingís support. She hopes that by being magnanimous, she will case Jiaming to like her more. 

Kexi tries to find who had spiked his drink the other night. He catches Sam stealing liquor from the pub. A fight breaks out. 

Lilian and Keyi are to learn that Kexinís condition has worsened. When Kexin sees Jiaming, Director Zhouís face appears before her eyes and she screams in fright. (Source: 8 Days)

伟业抢先一步,领出大中的遗体,争着给大中办丧事,还不许丽莲一家出席丧礼。可欣苏醒,坚持要到大中的灵堂去拜祭,伟业见可欣一家竟然在灵堂出现,与丽莲等吵了起来。从灵堂回来之后,可欣变得不言语也无表情,家明为此而苦恼。(Source: Mediacorp Website)


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