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Telecast Date: 4 August 2008, Weekdays, 9pm

  Cast: Fann Wong 范文芳 (林可欣), Pierre Png 方展发 (孙家明), Jeanette Aw 欧萱 (林可怡), Andie Chen 陈邦鋆 (林可喜), Xiang Yun 向云 (唐丽莲), Darren Lim 林明伦 (唐学平), Ng Hui (郑婉玉), Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈 (孙家珍), Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 (范小宁), Liang Tian 梁田 (唐大中), Daren Tan 陈世维 (孙家康), Tan Sia Chong 陈侠中 (Sam), Joey Fung 冯瑾瑜 (Sandra), Jessica Tan 陈月嫦 (Jessie)

Since young, Lin Ke Xin, the CEO of Tang Group, had been groomed in the ropes of business by her maternal grandfather Tang Da Zhong. When she was 12 years old, her grandfather adopted her suggestion for a major business decision, thereby setting the future developmental course of the Tang Group.

After her graduation, her grandfather appointed her to succeed him as the CEO of Tang Group.  The decision sparked off vehement protests from her uncle Tang Wei Ye, who with his daughter-in-law Zheng Wan Yu, were bent on undermining her. Hence, when Tang Da Zhong became comatose, they took the chance to seize control of Tang Group.

It was at this time that Ke Xin found that she often suffered attacks of uncontrollable hysteria. Gripped with fear and shock, she wondered what could have caused such mental anomaly. Was it brought about by her grandfather’s critical condition, or was there something wrong with her mental faculties, or could it be the news that Sun Jia Ming and her staff Fan Xiao Ning became an item that so depressed her?

Feeling worried, she recalled the times when her maternal grandmother had her mental breakdowns. Quietly, she went for medical checkups but Wan Yu found out about it.

Jia Ming is a young boss of a small eatery and though he disapproved of Ke Xin’s arrogant attitude, he could not help but fell in love with her.

Ke Xin was not one, however, to have confidence in a relationship as she had been brought up in a family where her father ill-treated her mother, her and her two siblings and she did not want to risk being hurt. Furthermore, she and Jia Ming were different in social status. In addition, Jia Ming was never short of female companions, just like her staff Xiao Ning who sought every opportunity to get his attention.

When it seemed that Jia Ming had accepted Xiao Ning’s affection, Ke Xin went into deep anguish, confusion, and torment.

Never did she expect that her younger brother Lin Kexi was the one instrumental in bringing Jia Ming and Xiao Ning together. Ke Xi had always been unhappy with his sister’s aggressiveness and arrogance. He wanted Ke Xin to know what it felt like to be jilted.

As one who possessed a zest for life, Ke Xi was unable to relate with his other family members. For many years, his mother Tang Li Lian had not been able to walk out of the shadow of her broken marriage, and failed to show love and care for him and his siblings. His elder sister Ke Xin was haughty and aloof, while his younger sister Ke Yi was cooped up in her own world. Though they lived together, they were more like strangers.

Any attempt he made to improve the ties among his family members had all fallen through. He also hoped to reduce the tension between his family and that of his uncle’s family, but more often than not, the attempts he tried brought forth more strains.

Since Tang Da Zhong became unconscious, Wei Ye and Wan Yu fell all over themselves as they prepare for the day to force Ke Xin to quit, as soon as the old man dies. Miraculously, Da Zhong woke up from the coma. Unwilling to concede defeat, they secretly forged a medical report, which indicated that Ke Xin inherited the same genetic make-up of her grandmother that would predispose her to mental breakdowns.

Immediately, there was a drastic turn of events…

Ke Xin was shocked by the findings as she was really taken in by the medical report. Her mother and grandfather found it even harder to accept the news and were at a loss. From someone who was usually supercilious, capable and overbearing, Ke Xin became helpless, lost, depressed and weak. She cut herself off from others and pessimistically waiting for the moment of “reckoning”.

Tang Da Zhong had always been worried that his children may inherit his wife’s  mental illness. Never had it occurred to him that the granddaughter he doted most would be the unfortunate one. He did not know what to do. Ke Xin’s mother, who had been relying on her daughter, was even more traumatized by the news than Ke Xin herself.

Ke Xi wished to help his elder sister but realized that he was incapable of any help. Ke Yi who originally planned to go overseas felt even more powerless in turning the tides around.

Wei Ye got what he wanted when he took control of Tang Group. He terminated all income to Ke Xin’s family that rendered them in financial distress. Close to a breakdown, Ke Xin tried to commit suicide but failed. Instead, she went into a coma. Ke Yi and Ke Xi tried all they could to bring her around and finally Ke Xin did. For the first time, the three siblings felt the strong inseparable familial ties that bound them together.

Ke Xin, however still felt fragile and pessimistic after regaining consciousness until Jia Ming stepped in to the picture. He helped to identify the cause for the family’s problem and offered them solutions that brought the family together.

From the initial stage of closing up herself emotionally, Ke Xin finally accepted the warmth and love of her family members. Looking back at her past, she gained new perspectives and realization. During the difficult times, her family members gave support and all they had to one another. Through these, Ke Xin began to understand her own feelings.

When Jia Ming asked for her hand, Ke Xin who was still uncertain about her future turned him down. 

In the end, how did Jia Ming manage to convince Ke Xin with his love? How did Ke Xi and Ke Yi find their own place in life? 

A crisis happened in Tang Group, how would Wan Yu’s forgery schemes get exposed?    







林可欣从开始的封闭、抗拒、逃避、到最后被家人的亲情感动,回首自己的过去,有许多的顿悟与感触,一家人在这段艰辛的日子里,互相扶持、付出、重新认识自己的感情,孙家明向林可欣求婚,对自己的未来毫无把握的林可欣拒绝了,孙家明最后如何以真情感动了林可欣呢?林可喜、林可怡如何找到自己生命的定位?唐氏出现危机,郑婉玉的诡计如何被拆穿?……   (Source: Mediacorp Website)




Episodes 1-10


Episodes 11-20


火 by 红毛派

Sub Theme 1: 解冻 by 红毛派
Sub Theme 2: 远距离 by 伍家辉

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