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Eric, a wealthy boy, picks a fight in an alley; his left arm hacked off. At the hospital, Doctor Gao Zhengbang gathers a group of doctors to re-attach the arm in an emergency operation.

Zhang Longxiang, boy with lupus, is admitted to the hospital. Paediatrician Liu Shuyan recommends that he be admitted. 

Zhengbang waits anxiously for the severed arm to arrive. He is peeved when Zhou Xiwen, head of the hospital management team, worries instead about Eric’s ability to pay for the surgery. 

Zhengbang decides to go ahead with the operation. Doctor Zheng Yifan, who is married to Xu Xiuyan, sacrifices his wedding anniversary celebrations to help him. With support from Director Liang Zhongmian, the operation is completed. 

During a meeting, Xiwen addresses the board of directors and the medical team and stresses the importance of cutting costs. Her father, Chairman Zhou Haitian, mediates between her and the others.

 Zhongmian gives Shuyan, Yifan, Xiuyuan and Zhengbang a treat. 

Shuyan receives word that Xiao-ai, her adoptive daughter who is retarded, has gone missing. She is relieved when Xiao-ai returns unscathed. Three years ago, Xiao-ai was raped. After witnessing the abortion, Shuyan vowed never to let her be bullied again. 

Shuyan is unable to stop Xiwen from throwing Longxiang out of the hospital.  

Zhengbang is disgusted to overhear Xiwen ingratiating herself with Eric vows revenge on his attackers. 

Zhengbang and Shuyan find Longxiang unconscious at home.  (Source: 8 Days)




Xiwen is irritated by the swarms of reporters who harass her after the death of Longxiang. She blames Shuyan.

 Zhongmian, Xiwen, Shuyan and Haitian hold a meeting. Haitian empathises with Shuyan, who regrets not being able to help Longxiang. Xiwen has no choice but to suppress her anger. 

The grieving Shuyan binges on chocolates. Zhengbang explains to her that Xiwen has her own concerns, as she needs to ensure the hospital has sufficient funds to keep it going. Consoled, Shuyan pulls herself together and returns to work. 

Shizong and Huijuan are about to across a road with their son Shunda when a motorcycle swerves into their path. Shunda pushes his mother out of harm’s way and is hurt. 

Shunda’s injuries are not serious, but Shuyan decides to have a blood test done on him nontheless, as the red patches all over his body are unusual. The results show he has leukaemia.

 Zhengbang rushes to the operating theatre and bumps into Eric. The person whom the latter had beaten up is dying.

 Yifan’s cousin, Guanlin, is the assistant director of the hospital. He returns from a trip to Tokyo and is invited to a meal by Xiwen. 

Zhongmian finds out that Shunda’s biological parents are not Shizong and Huijuan. Cuiping and Liangsheng deny they are his parents, but when Shunda tethers on the brink of death, Shuyan manages to convince the latter couple to acknowledge their son and make a donation of their bone marrow..(Source: 8 Days)




Guanlin’s professionalism impresses Li Xiaoman, a young nurse.

 Liao Jiakang and his pregnant wife, Guo Shujun, turn up at the hospital for a checkup. Guanlin detects an abnormal foetus and suggests an abortion. Shujun refuses, as she had undergone many attempts at in-vitro fertilization (IVF) before succeeding in becoming pregnant.

 Guanlin agrees to deliver the baby but warns that it will be born with abnormalities and will need constant care.

 Concerned about his wife Xiuyuan, who is pregnant, Yifan visits her at the school where she teaches and sees her acting as the referee for a basketball match.

 The medical team disapproves of Guanlin’s decision to go ahead with the delivery of Shujun’s baby. However, Xiwen expresses her support and even offers to let him pick his own operating team. She leaves a good impression on him.

 Zhengbang pursues Shuyan and eventually wins her love.

 While at the market, Xiuyuan experiences labour pains and rushes to the hospital. As Yifan and Guanlin are operating on Shujun, Nurse Mary gets Doctor Sam to attend to her.

 Mary dashes into the theatre to inform Yifan that Xiuyuan may need an operation. She is stunned when he carries on his procedure, leaving his wife in Doctor Sam’s care.  (Source: 8 Days)




 Shujun’s surgery is a success. Guanlin is grateful to Xiwen.

 Xiwen declares her love for Guanlin. However, her plans for the hospital do no sit well with him. She urges him no to let his soft heart affect his career, and he realizes they have different ideals and cannot develop their relationship further.

 Doctor Wen Jieren, a famous plastic surgeon, visits the hospital. He and Zhengbang were classmates and are still good friends.

 Noticing Jieren in the corridor, Xiaoya is distracted. She bumps into Xiwen and drops all her documents. The gentlemanly Jieren picks them up and she is impressed. 

Xiwen’s behaviour changes as so as she realizes who Jieren is.

 A misunderstanding causes Shuyan to have a bad impression on Jieren.

 Xiwen launches a series of retrenchment exercises. The older staff worry. Morale sinks to an all-time low. Zhongmian and Guanlin try in vain to make Xiwen rescind her orders. 

Meanwhile, to save on labour costs, the hospital hires foreign help.

Guanlin gives Xiwen the cold shoulder after observing how high-handed she can be. He writes her off when she ignores Xiaoman’s mother’s condition and uses Shujun’s case to attract media attraction. (Source: 8 Days)




One morning, Juan goes roller-blading. She jumps onto the main road while trying to avoid a puddle. An oncoming truck driven by Han knocks her down.

Zhengbang witnesses the accident and rushes to operate on her immediately.

Juan’s fiancÚ, Raymond, turns up and rants at Zhengbang for trying to operate on her without her family’s consent. He refuses to listen to Zhengbang’s explanations.

Han intervenes. Raymond learns who he is and beats him up. Juan and Raymond are about to tie the knot. Han feels bad about ruining their future.

Shuyan has a patiend, Le, who has a tumour on his neck. Refusing to let her take a look at it, Le hides in the washroom. Jieren convinces Le to let Shuyan tend to him.

Jieren finds out that Le’s tumour is malignant. Zhongmian tells him to let the oncology department take over.

Jieren is upset that he is unable to fulfil a promise he has made to Le. Shuyan consoles him and shares her experiences. The hopelessness they feel draws them together.

Xiwen sees Guanlin with Xiaoman. Jealous, she insists on transferring Xiaoman to the ICU.  (Source: 8 Days)


To help Juan pay her medical bills, Han arranges to sell his van. Xiaoman sees him giving up his van to his friend, Pao.

Xiaoman has only known Han since her transfer to the ICU. Seeing him help Juan moves her heart.

Guanlin laughs at Xiaoman when she dreams of Han and Juan becoming a couple someday. Xiaoman scurries off when she notices Xiwen, as she has no desire to be transferred again.

Xiwen’s attempt to stop them seeing each other is unsuccessful. Guanlin sees Xiaoman home. He learns that she helps out at her late father’s flower shop as her mother can barely cope. Their worker, Cheng, is a part-time student. Xiaoman tells Guanlin she had dreamed of becoming a doctor, but her results are not good enough.

Jieren tries to convince everyone that an operation is necessary for Le. Yifan, Zhengbang and Shuyan are worried. Guanlin is not in favour of the idea either.

Juan comes round from her coma. Han rushes to the ward with flowers but lacks the courage to face her. Raymond tries to explain to Juan why he has not visisted her regularly. Furious when he speaks ill of Han, she calls off their marriage. (Source: 8 Days)


(Source: Channel 8 Website)


Xiaoman’s former boyfriend, Kelvin, returns.

With Shuyan’s help, Jieren tells Le how serious his tumour is. Many Hand, Foot, Mouth (HFM) disease patients turn up at the hospital. Shuyan worries when Xihong is hospitalized too.

Zhenbang takes Xiao-ai home on Shuyan’s behalf. He sees the school bus driver giving her sweets.

Xiwen objects when Guanlin suggests the hospital increase its manpower.

Zhongmian has Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms start to show.

Xiaoman’s mother has cancer and her condition is deteriorating. Kelvin goes on his knees to beg Xiaoman for forgiveness. Seeing them together, Xiwen presumes they have reconciled. She asks Guanlin out for dinner and promises to make him the hospital director.

From an MRI examination, Shuyan sees that Xihong’s brain tumour has spread. The changes of a successful operation are slim. However, she refuses to give up.

Xiao-ai is pregnant. Suspecting the bus driver, Zhengbang confronts him. He is beaten up and hospitalized. Worn out, Shuyan faints at work.

Jieren offers to take Shuyan’s place in the Doctors Without Borders programme. He is impressed by what Shuyan has done for the destitute.  (Source: 8 Days)






 (Source: Channel 8 Website)


Guanlin sees Kelvin sending Xiaoman to work. Xiaoman is upset to learn her mother’s cancer has spread and she is likely to live for another six months at the most.

Xiaoman’s mother expresses her hope that Xiaoman would get married before she dies. Xiaoman feels pressured. She has no idea Kelvin is two-timing her.

Zhongmian’s condition worsens. When he cancels several operations he is supposed to do, Xiwen loses her temper. She only calms down when he introduces his ex-wife, Lu Dejun; she has agreed to take on his operations.

Though Zhongmian and Dejun are separated, they remain good friends. When Dejun heard about Zhongmian’s problem, she returned from England to help him.

Xiaoman and Kelvin take her mother to the bird park. Kelvin even shows them an apartment and declares that he will marry Xiaoman and let her mother live with them. Both Xiaoman and her mother are moved.

Shuyan takes good care of Xihong, but he keeps asking for his mother. She confides in Zhengbang.

Zhengbang manages to convince Xihong’s mother to visit her son, but she asks to be paid.

Xihong asks to take a photograph with Shuyan before he dies. (Source: 8 Days)







(Source: Channel 8 Website)


The hospital staff holds a celebratory party to mark Dejun’s successes in the operating room, as well as Zhongmian’s retirement. Xiwen insists he write his wishes on the cake. Dejun goes to his rescue, making everyone envy their close relationship.

Zhongmiang decides to go to England with Dejun. He tells Shuyan how work had caused him to drift apart from Dejun. He intends to spend the rest of his life making amends.

Guanlin finds out that Kelvin has made a huge loss on the stock market and suspects he is up to no good. However, he has no evidence to prove Kelvin’s real intentions.

Everyone is shocked when Xiwen announces that Guanlin will be taking over Zhongmian’s place for the time being. Privately, she hints to Guanlin that he should be grateful to her, as she can make him a full-fledged director.

Guanlin decides to accept the case of a pair of Siamese twins, Xiaoju and Xiaomei, who want to be surgically separated. He asks Xiwen to get the hospital to help out with the medical fees and is peeved that she can only view the case as a great opportunity to boost the hospital’s reputation and gain more business.

Jieren returns from his trip. Shuyan has accepted Zhengbang’s love. She is put in a dilemma when she comes to realize that Jieren has fallen for her as well. Xiuyuan is hospitalized with heatstroke. Yifan is too busy with the Siamese twins to take care of her. (Source: 8 Days)





(Source: Channel 8 Website)

Xiaomei survives the operation but loses her sister, Xiaoju. Zhengbang and Shuyan try to convince her to face life bravely.

A lack of oxygen leads to Xiuyuan to fall into a coma. Yifan keeps a vigil by her bed and is relieved when she finally comes round.

Guanlin refuses to attend the press conference, as he does not consider himself the doctor in charge of Xiaomei’s case. He quarrels with Xiwen about this.

Guanlin is officially made the hospital director. Xiwen drinks during the banquet and takes the opportunity to make her feelings known to him.

Gastritis hits Guanlin. He is happy when Xiaoman turns up with oat porridge for him. The meal reminds him of his mother, who used to add honey and banana to the oats too. Guanlin tells Xiaoman how his mother had kept her illness from him, for fear of affecting his studies. When she was on her deathbed, he was helping out in an earthquake-stricken area. She urged him not to give up his patients just to see her one last time. Xiaoman gets to know the real Guanlin better.

Jieren learns Shuyan is dating Zhengbang. Reluctantly, he gives her up.

Hoping to sell Xiaoman’s shop to repay his debts, Kelvin proposes to her to make her mother happy. Loan sharks turn up to demand payment. (Source: 8 Days)




(Source: Channel 8 Website)


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