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Telecast Date: 6 March 2007


Surgeon Gao Zhengbang (Terence Cao) of Yikang Hospital performs a complicated surgery to re-attach the severed palm of a patient who was involved in a gang fight. Zhou Xiwen (Constance Song), who runs the financial and human resource aspects of the hospital, raises objections for fear of the patient being unable to bear the high medical cost. The surgery takes place smoothly only with the full support of hospital Director Liang Zhongmian.

At the same time, a child with Systemic Lupus Erthematosus (SLE) also arrives at the hospital with related complications. His doctor, paediatrician Liu Shuyan (Fann Wong) wants to keep him in the hospital under observation. Unfortunately, the child, who is brought up by his grandmother, cannot afford the fees and has to leave the hospital despite his critical condition. Shuyan and Xiwen come to a clash over the case as a result.

Shuyan discovers that her cousin Du Xiaoyuan (Ezann Lee) has gone missing. As Xiaoyuan had an unfortunate past of being impregnated after a rape, the usually calm Shuyan becomes agitated. She sends the partially-clothed Xiaoyuan to Dr Chen Guanlin (John Chiang) for a check-up. She is dismayed to learn that the innocent Xiaoyuan was once again raped and has to go for another abortion. Zhengbang grasps the opportunity to console his beloved. Their relationship takes a great leap forward.

Another admirer of the natural beauty Shuyan is the creator of artificial ones: plastic surgeon Wen Jieren (Darren Lim). With mixed feelings over emotional commitments, Jieren has never been able to openly express his love for Shuyan. Now witnessing the happy Zhengbang holding Shuyan’s hands, Jieren can only wallow in despair.

Bachelor Guanlin, also the Assistant Director of the hospital, lives with his cousin Yifan and the latter’s wife Xiuyuan (Vivian Lai). Guanlin and Yifan are as close as siblings; in fact, only Yifan feels relaxed enough to joke with the severe-looking Guanlin, who is the well-respected by the medical staff.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Guanlin meets Li Xiaoman (Joanne Peh), a nurse who is significantly younger than him. Lively and jovial Xiaoman is a filial daughter. To fulfill her sickly mother’s wish to see her settle down, Xiaoman agrees to re-accept her ex-boyfriend Kelvin (Shaun Chen) who had betrayed her. Unfortunately, on the day of her mother’s death, Xiaoman discovers that she is once again played out by her boyfriend. The great shock leaves her literally speechless for a length of time. Under Guanlin’s care, Xiaoman gradually recovers and starts to develop feelings for him, but Guanlin is unable to bring himself to accept the situation.

A pair of conjoined twins arrives at the hospital, with one of them already dead. The team of doctors undertakes the important surgery to separate them and faces tremendous pressure over it. Just when Yifan immerses himself in the case, his wife Xiuyuan, a secondary school teacher, suffers from heat stroke and goes into shock. Gazing at his wife who has lapsed into a coma with her major organs gradually shutting down, the usually-jovial Yifan cannot bring himself to smile anymore.

Jieren’s ex-girlfriend Zhilin (Lynn Poh) tries to win back his heart with no avail. Mistaking Shuyan as the main cause of her problem, the jealous Zhilin drives her car into Shuyan. The latter is severely disfigured. Jieren puts in his heart and soul to treat Shuyan. His suppressed feelings for her emerge again in the midst of guilt. Unfortunately, Shuyan is unsuccessful in her plastic surgery procedures and becomes greatly depressed.

Chairman Zhou Haitian suffers from atherosclerosis and is admitted to the hospital. In order to get her father into the operating theatre sooner, Xiwen switches his date of operation with a female patient. Haitian survives but the female patient later dies. Her husband Ah Ji is unable to accept the fact and goes berserk.

The crazed Ah Ji attempts to kill Xiwen to avenge his wife’s death. In a struggle at the rooftop, Ah Ji pushes Zhengbang and Guanlin over the edge of the building. Zhengbang lapses into partial dissociative amnesia, while Guanlin’s life hangs by the thread with severe brain damage.

Zhengbang not only suffers from minor external injury, he has lost his memory of Shuyan and his love for her. Shuyan has now got to face the seemingly heartlessness of Zhengbang, the ardently affectionate Jieren and her own disfigured self. Under immense pressure and the inability to choose, she decides to escape for the moment by packing her bags and leaving for practice in the remote regions.

As Zhengbang and Jieren decide bury the hatchet and become friends again, they hear Shuyan is treating under-privilege children in a certain mountainous area. Just when both of them manage to locate Shuyan, an earthquake erupts and traps Zhengbang and Shuyan underneath the mountain of debris...   (
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歌名: 天使
: 五月天

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