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Qicai makes Zengyue believe the scent on his clothes is from the foreign customers he had met earlier.

Zengtu and Xiyi meet Hanzhe while dining out. Hanzhe encourages Xiyi to attend the calligraphy class.

Xiyi is puzzled that Zengtu seems especially nice to her.

Zengyue turns up at the restaurant in the afternoon and is told Qicai is out. She also learns there are no foreign customers the day before. She loses her temper and Guiying urges her to show more concern for Qicai.

Zengtu makes plans to spend the weekend with Xiyi. Yabin calls and insists on seeing him. Assuming it is business entertainment, Xiyi tells him to go ahead.

Yabin slits her wrists when Zengtu is adamant about breaking up with her.

Bored, Xiyi makes her way to the calligraphy class. Hanzhe is delighted. When Fengyi asks him out afterward, he suggests Xiyi join them. Fengyi mentions to him that Zengtu is a flirt.

Zengtu returns home with bloodstains on his collar. He lies that it is red wine.

Hong Hai refuses to pay Qicai, now that he can make his own sauce.

Qicai realizes it is Jessie who betrayed him. He confronts her, and accidentally stabs her.   (Source: 8 Days)

增悦闻到奇才身上搽有香水,生气问之,奇才慌忙骗增悦说有外国客人要见他, 赞赏他的厨艺, 所以才会迟到,增悦半信半疑。

增土和曦怡吃饭,碰见瀚哲,他问曦怡为何退出书法班? 曦怡说时间忙, 顾不上。瀚哲鼓励曦怡不要放弃。吃完饭, 曦怡和增土游河畔, 曦怡察觉出增土对她额外要好,似乎在隐藏些什么。

增悦次日趁午休时来到御厨, 见奇才不在, 向众厨师询问他的下落。众厨师说他最近都这样, 午休一到就跑掉。增悦问他们昨天的事,厨师也不明所以。增悦顿时知道奇才在骗她。

增土本来要和曦怡去享受周末, 却不停的被雅斌电话骚扰。曦怡看出增土有心事,增土骗说朋友约他打高尔夫球。雅斌百般纠缠,企图同增土要好,增土坚持分手,雅斌生气,割脉恐吓增土,增土慌张, 连忙送雅斌入院。

曦怡来到瀚哲的书法班. 瀚哲见曦怡来到, 也是欣喜. 放课后, 凤仪不停的纠缠瀚哲, 说去吃, 顺便可以请教他. 瀚哲见曦怡, 也叫曦怡一起去.

三人吃饭, 曦怡和瀚哲在书法的话题上长篇大论, 唯有凤仪不明所以. 瀚哲事后从凤仪口中得知增土的缺点, 喜欢玩女人. 瀚哲为此对曦怡感到惋惜……

奇才被Jessie拉到她家里煮鲍鱼的配料, 却不知道Jessie其实是在偷偷的录下整个过程。奇才向洪海要钱, 洪海翻脸, 说已知配料的煮法, 以后不会再拿钱给奇才了。奇才后来发现Jessie原来的阴谋和她起了争执, 一个不留神, 误杀Jessie。
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  Thinking Jessie is dead, Qicai cleans the stains and retrieves the DVDs. In his hurry, he leaves one behind.

Qicai throws the DVDs away. As he sits alone in a park, he recalls the ordeal and is reduced to tears.

Yabin looks Zengtu up at the restaurant. It dawns on him that she isn’t as na´ve as she has made herself out to be. He reiterates that he will not let Xiyi down again, and she threatens to kick up a fuss at the Jias’ house if he doesn’t meet her at a hotel.

Zengtu confides in Zengmu, who tells him off and advises him to tell Xiyi the truth.

Xiyi senses something is very wrong when Zengtu holds her tightly in his arms but refuses to say much.

Persistent nightmares lead Qicai to plan a trip to China. Zengyue assumes he is going there to meet his chef friends.

Jessie’s body is found. The police question the restaurant staff.

Qicai decides to leave for China right away. He gives Zengyue a diamond ring.

Xiangyun and Paul stumble across the DVD in Jessie’s house. At the sight of it, Ruoqi arrests Qicai.  (Source: 8 Days)









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  Qicai admits he had been having an affair with Jessie but denies killing her.

A stunned Zengyue comes to realize why he was in such a hurry to leave the country.

Confronted, Qicai blurts out how he was conned into giving away the recipe for the secret sauce.

Zengmu is speechless. He considers asking Huijun to return home, but Guiying urges him to settle things first.

Because Zengyue intends to hire the best lawyers for him, Qicai presumes she has forgiven him.

Zengmu uses the example of Qicai’s predicament to persuade Zengtu to sever ties with Yabin.

Yabin is infuriated when Zengtu does not turn up for their date. She asks Hong Hai to instigate Fengyi to tell Xiyi about the affair. Afraid to hurt her sister, however, Fengyi gives Zengtu a waning instead.

With help from a peeping tom, the police find evidence of Qicai fighting with Jessie. Qicai is found guilty, and sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment and five strokes of the cane.

Zengyue presents him with divorce papers.  (Source: 8 Days)






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 You’er encourages a distraught Yuqi to pull himself together so that he can take care of his mother. He finds himself falling deeper for her.

Zengyue’s relationship with her siblings improves after her ordeal.

Yabin deliberately appears in the lift when Zengtu and Xiyi leave their office to go home. Xiyi hears her greeting Zengtu and remembers that she was the lady who had been babbling at the spa. Zengtu has no choice but to admit his unfaithfulness.

You’er asks Yuqi out to lunch. Bruce, her business partner, joins them. Loan sharks harass them. It turns out that, instead of paying them with the money Yuqi had lent them, Bruce had gambled on futures.

Zengmu experiences chest pains when Zengyue forces him to fire Chef Zeng. Guiying urges him to resign for the sake of his health.

Xiyi takes leave and goes to the spa. Yabin turns up, and Xiyi slaps her. To get her own back, Yabin ensures that Xiyi sees her kissing Zengtu.   (Source: 8 Days)







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Yabin is furious when Zengtu asserts that Xiyi will always be the only woman he loves.

Walking along the street in a daze, Xiyi does not respond when Hanzhe greets her. Sensing something amiss, he follows her. She breaks down in his arms.

Huijun and Wanqi return from their trip. Huijun calls for an urgent meeting and admonishes Zengmu for not managing the business well. She then rants at Zengtu for not treasuring his wife.

Xiyi tenders her resignation and thanks Huijun for treating her like a daughter through the years.

Yuqi and You’er see Bruce with bruises all over his body again. Refusing to help him, Zengyue urges Yuqi to close down the spa before being implicated by Bruce. Yuqi loses his temper. Softening, Zengyue gives him a cheque for $100,000.

Xiyi bumps into Chen Tianfa at the supermarket and recognizes him as the man who had created a scene at her father-in-law’s funeral. They get along so well that after a mealm she becomes his goddaughter.

Xiyi goes on a trip to Taiwan after signing the divorce papers. She meets Hanzhe there and enjoys the time she spends with him.   (Source: 8 Days)






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  Ruoqi and Yuqi invite You’er and Xiangyun out. Yuqi tells them that Zengyue is pushing him to quit the spa and return to Jin Le.

Bruce backs out of the business. Yuqi wants to manage the spa on his own but Zengyue will not hear of it. Eventually, he agrees to work at Jin Le.

With Guiying’s support, Ruoqi proposes to Xiangyun. He is overjoyed when she accepts.

You’er is about to return to Thailand. Sensing that her son has fallen for You’er, Zengyue objects to the match.

In Taiwan, Hanzhe urges Xiyi not to let life’s problems bog her down. He relates how he had worked his way up the ranks after completing his studies on a scholarship.

Zengtu tries to find out where Xiyi has gone. Fengyi refuses to reveal anything, but extorts a branded watch out of her brother-in-law.

Yuqi dates You’er on the quiet. Zengyue finds out and is enraged. She insults Zengmu and Guiying when they try to put in a good word for You’er. Huijun consoles the upset You’er.

Xiangyun dines with the Jias. All except Zengyue treat her well. Zengyue overhears her mentioning the DVD they found to prove Qicai’s guilt.   (Source: 8 Days)






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  Zengyue comes to realize it was Ruoqi who found the evidence that implicated Qicai. She puts even more pressure on Yuqi to succeed in Jin Le.

Though Zengyue treats You’er badly, the latter urges Yuqi to heed his mother’s advice to work hard.

Bruce is in debt again. When his wife threatens to leave him and the loan sharks come calling, he turns to drugs. Tom, a former spa employee, sees him in a daze at the riverfront and calls Yuqi.

Yuqi rushes to Bruce’s side and puts him in a taxi. Bruce leaves his bag behind which Yuqi picks up.

Yuqi bumps into Ruoqi, who is out for drinks. When drugs fall out of Bruce’s bag and Yuqi is arrested, Zengyue hires a lawyer for him. She begs Ruoqi to testify in his favour, but Ruoqi declares he has to relate the situation as it unfolded.

Bruce’s body is found by the beach. No one can prove Yuqi’s innocence.

Zengyue begs Zengmu to help Yuqi. Whe he asserts that there is nothing he can do, she lases out at him and leaves in a huff, despite noticing a seizure coming upon him.

Xiangyun, who is out with Guiying, rushes to the hospital to see Zengmu and ends up in a traffic accident.   (Source: 8 Days)





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  Guiying dies in the accident, while Zengmu dies of a heart attack. Xiangyun goes into a coma. Ruoqi is stunned by the triple tragedy.

Huijun is devastated. Zengyue realizes she has indirectly caused the deaths of her brother and sister-in-law.

Huijun remembers the curse Tianfa cast on the Jias and worries she may really be left with no sons at all. She pays her respects to Tianfa’s wife and prays that Zengtu will be safe.

Guilt-ridden, Zengyue declines to take charge of Jin Le. She urges Zengtu to take over and promises to help him.

Hanzhe changes his schedule, so that he can take the same flight home as Xiyi. He even gives her a shawl she had liked while they were out shopping. Xiyi is impressed by his attentiveness.

Xiyi learns about the tragedies. She pays her respects to Zengmu and Guiying, then visits Huijun. Zengtu tries in vain to gain her forgiveness.

In an attempt to make amends, Zengyue takes good care of Ruoqi and Xiangyun.

Ruoqi sees his mother’s mobile phone and realizes his parents had talked just before the tragedies happened. He checks into the matter and views a closed-circuit recording of Zengyue leaving Zengmu to die in the carpark.   (Source: 8 Days)






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  Ruoqi vows to avenge his parents.

Tom is willing to testify that he saw Bruce under the influence of drugs that night, but Ruoqi bribes him into silence. Yuqi is sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for drug possession.

On Zengmu and Guiying’s wedding anniversary, Ruoqi buys a cake and shows everyone the recording of how Zengyue had left Zengmu to die. Huijun is so upset that she chases Zengyue out of the house.

Refusing to move in with Zengtu, Zengyue urges him to work hard at Jin Le and take care of the family.

Zengtu begs Xiyi to return to Jin Le to help him. She turns him down.

Xiyi gets a new job at a cosmetics company, which has its offices in the same building as Hanzhe’s workplace. They dine together and go through the photographs they took in Taiwan. After sending Xiyi home, Hanzhe lingers at the foot of the building and calls her to her window to watch the stars with him.

Zengyue faints in the streets and is taken to the hospital. She is disgnoses with acute appendicitis.   (Source: 8 Days)





  (Source: Mediacorp Website)
  Zengyue visits Xiangyun after her discharge and meets Ruoqi, who treats her with animosity.

Yuqi's appeal is rejected.

Zengtu is unable to manage the declining business and the high number of resignations. Huijun refuses to give in to the chefs’ demands for higher salaries.

Zengtu wants to retain the vegetarian restaurant in Zengmu’s memory. Huijun convinces him to cut losses right away.

Zengtu looks Xiyi up and sees her with Hanzhe. He becomes disgruntled.

Hanzhe expresses his feelings for Xiyi. She refuses to be tied down emotionally.

Fengyi is upset to learn that Xiyi toured Taiwan with Hanzhe. She threatened to sever ties with Xiyi if the latter chooses to be with Hanzhe.

Hong Hai and Yabin learn of the Jias’ predicament. They try to force Fengyi out of the partnership, as she is no longer of use to them.

Zengtu refuses to let Hong Hai become a partner in Jin Le.

Wanqi returns to Singapore and decides to stay and help her grandmother.

Zengyue and Wanqi urge Zengtu to win Xiyi back. Encouraged, he buys Xiyi’s favourite chocolates. In the lift, he meets Hanzhe with exactly the same product.   (Source: 8 Days)












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