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Telecast Date: 1 May 2006

  When her husband becomes comatose following a stroke, 80-year-old Mrs Jia-Yu Huijun (Zheng Peipei) takes over the running of the restaurant chain Jin Le and turns it into a highly profitable business venture. Three of her sons died young and Mrs Jia is left with her second son Zengmu (Huang Wenyong), her only daughter Zengyue (Aileen Tan) and youngest son Zengtu (Edmund Chen). Unfortunately, all her children have hidden agendas and have their eyes set on the vast family fortune.

Zengmu, although the Assistant General Manager of Jin Le, yields no power. His calculative wife Wang Guiying (Lin Meijiao) is in charge of housekeeping. Their only son Jia Ruoqi (Julian Hee) serves a senior position in the Police Force. Ou Xiangyun (Felicia Chin), an orphan, catches his eye but Xiangyun feels inferior over their wide disparity in station. Nevertheless, she is touched by Ruoqi’s sincerity and falls for him.

Narrow-minded Zengyue is in charge of the finances of the family business. Her husband Kuang Qicai (Huang Yiliang) is the Executive Chef of the Jin Le Group and often makes use of his position for his personal gain. Their son Yuqi (Paul Chong) has no intention of taking over the reins of Jin Le. He falls for the happy-go-lucky Lin You-er (Candyce Toh) and even though his mother objects to the relationship, he continues to see her on the sly.

A chain of disastrous events begins to plague the family, resulting in broken ties and deaths…

The lecherous yet cowardly Qicai is unable to resist the sexual advances of an alluring waitress Jessie (May Phua) and has an affair with her, only to have his secret imperial recipe to the preparation of abalone stolen from him. He discovers he has fallen prey to an industrial theft as Jessie had been bribed by his competitor from Lai Hong Restaurant. She threatens Qicai and the latter kills her by accident. Ever conscious of the need to maintain an appearance, the cold-hearted Zengyue decides to divorce him.

Zengyue learns that the police had no proof against Qicai until Ruoqi and Xiangyun notify the police after stumbling upon the truth. Thus, she firmly believes that her elder brother and his family want to wrestle control of Jin Le. Her hatred for them grows.

Yuqi is implicated in a drug case and subsequently jailed. Zengyue begs Ruoqi to change his statement so as to save her son. However, Ruoqi insists on handling the matter impartially. Zengyue confronts Zengmu. In the tussle that ensues, Zengmu and Guiying are killed and Xiangyun becomes comatose. Mrs Jia comes to learn of Zengyue’s involvement in the tragedy and turns her out of the family.

Xiyi (Fann Wong) decides to divorce her husband Zengtu after his repeated extramarital flings. It is only after losing her that Zengtu realizes her importance. He vows to woo her again but Xiyi has already found herself an admirer in the dashing Ding Hanzhe (Chen Hanwei).

Xiangyun recovers consciousness and decides to leave Ruoqi when she learns that he has bribed a witness to lead to the wrongful arrest of Yuqi. Ruoqi, deeply in love with Xiangyun, turns himself in. Yuqi is acquitted while Ruoqi is imprisoned.

The reputation of Jin Le Group suffers a beating after the numerous family crises. Zengtu’s misplaced trust in Taiwanese businessman Du Zhongxian (Terence Cao) nearly results in a successful takeover by the latter.

Jia Wanqi (Jesseca Liu), Zhongxian’s wife and daughter of Mrs Jia’s deceased third son, decides to right the wrong by persuading Xiyi and Zengyue to return to Jin Le. In the face of the formidable ladies from the Jia family, Zhongxian realizes that he stands litt
le chance of emerging the winner and decides to leave the contest.

Xiyi turns down
Mrs Jia and Wanqi’s request to stay on. However, while she can give up her work with ease, she is torn between Zengtu and Hanzhe...  (Source: Mediacorp Website)









(Source: Mediacorp Website)




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歌名: 爱情路
: 周华健

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