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King Xuan confirms that someone has added poison to the well water. He instructs Guiguzi to concoct an antidote to neutralize the poison.

On the day of the duel, Xu Qi does not turn up. Zhang Wu rushes back to his camp at word that a fire has broken out. Xu Qi attacks him and forces King Xuan to pronounce him the winner of the first round.

Liu Wen has consumed poisoned tea. He is defeated by Xu Qi as well when the poison acts up. Guan Ren too is defeated, because he goes to the rescue of his faltering troops.

Although King Xuan realizes Xu Qi has not won the challenge fairly, he has no choice but to pronounce him the winner. Zhong Wuyan suggests they give the four contenders an assignment before doing so. Xu Qi is ordered to subdue a two-headed snake; Zhang Wu has to pick herbs and prepare an antidote for the people; Liu Wen has to subdue all the troublemakers; an Guan Ren has to nab the culprit behind the water-poisoning.

Knowing Mojiang will be helpful to his career, Xu Qi humours her.

Zhong Wuyan warns Xu Qi not to have designs on Mojiang.




Xu Qi agrees to be Wuchangzi’s disciple if the latter helps him subdue the two-headed snake. He is made the marshal when he presents the snake’s head to King Xuan.

Gloating, Xu Qi pretends to snub Mojiang and professes to have been warned by Zhong Wuyan to stay away from her.

Wenfeng is disturbed by rumours about Xu Qi and Mojiang. Xu Qi assures her that she is the only one he loves.

Mojiang falls out with Zhong Wuyan over Xu Qi. For the first time ever, the Queen Mother takes Zhong Wuyan’s side. She even praises Zhong Wuyan for her contributions to Qi. Zhong Wuyan helps the Queen Mother relieve back aches by teaching her specially choreographed dance steps.

Adviser Kong tells King Xuan ther is a new pastime in the palace – smoking drugs. Even Gao Sou and Official Lu enjoy it.

King Xuan wants to share the new pastime with Zhong Wuyan. She puts out the urn upon entering the room.




Zhong Wuyan insists the drugs are addictive. When Official Lu and Gao Sou refuse to believe her, she challenges them to abstain and experience the effects.

Zhong Wuyan summons Li Ying back to the palace. He is happy to make a profit from sales of his ying hua guo.

Official Lu and Gao Sou go into withdrawal, and everyone comes to believe Zhong Wuyan. In turn, she sets up rehabilitation centres and puts Official Lu and Gao Sou in one of them. Soldiers are sent to raid smoking dens, and all the drugs are burned. The people are also educated about drug abuse.

Guan Ren finds many ying hua guo trees around Old Master Jiang’s grave and reports this to Li Ying. Li Ying makes Li Qiang tell him how he has obtained the seeds.

Zhong Wuyan barges into Wuchangzi’s hideout and kills him. However, she suspects the Wuchangzi she has killed is an imposter.

In the palace, Ling seduces King Xuan.

Li Ying urges King Xuan to execute his son, Li Qiang.




After Li Qiang’s execution, Li Ying resigns. He hopes to set up a school in the rural areas to train more talents for Qi. King Xuan reluctantly lets him go. Official Lu and Gao Sou leave as well.

King Xuan looks the Queen Mother up and sees his three concubines with her. He is annoyed when Adviser Kong declares Zhong Wuyan can tolerate King Xuan having so many women only because she does not love him.

Zhong Wuyan bids Li Ying goodbye. She learns Pang Fen has become a great general in Wei. Li Ying urges her to be wary of Xu Qi.

Wei launches an attack on Qi. King Xuan sends Zhang Wu, Li Wen and Guan Ren to battle. Xu Qi offers to lead the troops, but Zhong Wuyan objects as his wife is a Wei princess.

At Wuchangzi’s instigation, Xu Qi kills Wenfeng to prove his loyalty to Qi. King Xuan gives him the marshal seal before Zhong Wuyan can stop him.

To gain Mojiang’s trust, Xu Qi claims Wenfeng has been unfaithful to him.




Zhong Wuyan sees King Xuan in the bed with Ling. She packs her bags and leaves the palace again. He panics when the patch on her face disappears.

Xia Yingchun, Yingxia and Yingqiu discover Ling is more powerful then they are. Wuchangzi stops them from killing her and reveals she is his youngest disciple.

Disillusioned by Wuchangzi’s lack of trust in them, Xia Yingchun and the others express their desire to leave. Wuchangzi threatens to subdue their powers if they disobey him.

Ling has grown to feels for Zhong Wuyan and King Xuan; betraying them hurts her.

The Queen Mother tells King Xuan off for letting Zhong Wuyan leave. She reveals she had tried to make life difficult for Zhong Wuyan, hoping the latter would not bully King Xuan.

A depressed King Xuan tries to find someone to confide in. Mojiang is too upset to talk to him, the three concubines are in a bad mood, Ling has no desire to see him and Adviser Kong is injured. To make things worse, he receives news of Xu Qi’s defeat.

  Wuchangzi had predicted that Xu Qi would be defeated by Pang Fen. Xu Qi refuses to heed his advice to poison the food in the Wei camp.

King Xuan hopes to use his ‘wings’ to fly to where Zhong Wuyan is.

After leaving the palace, Zhong Wuyan starts teaching at a village school. All the men are taken by her beauty, to the dismay of their wives.

Ignoring their farms, the men dress up and try to get her attention. The village chief decides to get Zhong Wuyan ,married off, so that the men can carry on with their lives.

Zhong Wuyan is upset that such a decision has been made on her behalf. She is reminded of King Xuan.

In the palace, King Xuan misses her so much he neglects himself. He jumps for joy when told she has been found.
  King Xuan travels to the village to find Zhong Wuyan. Dahu’s mother chases him away.

When finally they meet, King Xuan pleads with Zhong Wuyan to return to the palace with him. She refuses, and taunts him for looking for her only in times of need. She also shows him her face and declares that the disappearance of the patch indicates she no longer loves him.

Back in the palace, Yingchun, Yingxia and Yingqiu realise they have all fallen in love with King Xuan and that Wuchangzi’s wickedness disgusts them. They turn over a new leaf and beg Zhong Wuyan to return to King Xuan.

Ling discovers her fellow disciples’ betrayal but does not tell Wuchangzi as she hopes to leave him as well.

As a last resort, Xu Qi uses Wuchangzi’s poison tactic and turns the table on Pang Fen.

The Wei troops are defeated.
  Wuchangzi stops Xu Qi from destroying Wei, reminding the latter that he should kill King Xuan for the sacrifice of his wife.

Wuchangzi entices King Xuan’s uncle to betray his nephew and claim the throne. The Queen Mother tries in vain to persuade King Xuan to pull himself together.

The next day, King Xuan is so changed that everyone in the palace is stunned. Wuchangzi embarks on his next plan. However, Yingchun, Yingxia and Yingqiu refuse to obey his orders. Ling warns them that they risk losing all their powers and years of training.

Yingchun and Yingxia pretend to complete their mission and return with the heads of Zhong Wuyan and Li Ying. They then destroy another of Wuchangzi’s stand-ins and are seriously injured.

Yingqiu takes Yingchun and Yingxia back to the palace; they are happy to be able to do something for King Xuan before they die.
  King Xuan’s uncle escapes from Qi. Wuchangzi convinces Xu Qi to serve King Xuan’s uncle instead.

Li Ying returns and relates how Yingchun and Yingxia had risked their lives to tell him the truth.

Zhong Wuyan decides to leave the village. She goes to Liu Wen’s camp to discuss how to deal with Xu Qi’s army. News of her resurgence leaks.

King Xuan takes Li Ying’s advice and joins forces with Wei to deal with Xu Qi. They learn, to their surprise that Pang Fen is married.

Wuchangzi kills Zhang Wu and dashes into the palace to force King Xuan to abdicate. Mojiang tries to save the king and is injured. Guiguzi’s disciple, Dai Yingxiong, rises to the occasion and rescues King Xuan instead; Mojiang falls for him.

King Xuan comes up with a plan to save Qi. Official Lu, Gao Sou, Adviser Kong and Li Ying all return to help him. After giving them their assignment, King Xuan looks Zhong Wuyan up and tells her about his plan to save Qi without doing battle.
The Qi army is no match to Xu Qi’s men and is forced into an impasse.  
  Official Lu carries out orders to produce hordes of home-baked biscuits, while Gao Sou urges the soldiers’ families to write to them.

Xu Qi’s men are all from Qi. The home-baked biscuits and letters from their families lure them to defect.

Xu Qi nearly loses his mind when Wuchangzi sneers at him for being defeated by a woman.

Qi wins the war without a fight.

The Queen Mother is exhilarated to see Zhong Wuyan again and urges her to forgive King Xuan.

Xu Qi holds Mojiang hostage and dies at Dai Yingxiong’s hand.

Ling, Yingqiu and Zhong Wuyan combine forces to kill Wuchangzi. Ling dies of her injuries. Yingqui returns to her hometown.  (Source: 8 Days)

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