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King Xuan promises to give Xia Yingchun a proper title.

Pang Fen is given an official post as a reward for helping to suppress the rebels. He is angered when he realizes King Xuan is having an affair with Xia Yingchun.

Sensing something amiss, Zhong Wuyan contemplates marrying Xia Yingchun off to a faraway place.

While looking for Huaixiao, King Xuan falls for another beauty, Yuzhi. She pins a piece of cloth with her whereabouts written on it onto a rabbit. She tells King Xuan they will be together if he finds the rabbit.

Zhong Wuyan organizes a groom-selection session for Xia Yingchun. King Xuan has nothing good to say about any of the suitors. Xia Yingchun and the Queen Mother collaborate to trick Zhong Wuyan into letting King Xuan marry her. Annoyed, Zhong Wuyan leaves the palace with Ling.

Cao Yuan has laid plans to kidnap King Xuan and force him to abdicate. Yuzhi is his lackey. The unknowing King Xuan falls into Yuzhi’s trap.




King Xuan tries to escape from his captors. Mojiang hides the Queen Mother in the imperial kitchen. Pang Fen informs Zhong Wuyan.

Zhong Wuyan arrives just in time to save King Xuan. Xia Yingchun turns up and pretends to be injured.

Cao Yuan and his allies are arrested. Zhong Wuyan is taken aback when King Xuan leaves the hut with Xia Yingchun in his arms.

On the way back to the palace, King Xuan spots Huaixiao, but is unable to talk to her.

Pang Fen is promoted to General. Zhong Wuyan turns down every offer of a reward, but requests instead that King Xuan rid himself of the idea of marrying Xia Yingchun.

Zhong Wuyan resigns herself to having to put up with Xia Yingchun. King Xuan sees them talking and decides to look Huaixiao up.

After enjoying himself by the lake with Huaixiao, King Xuan returns and meets Yuzhi again.




King Xuan is relegated to sleeping in the study when both Zhong Wuyan and Xia Yingchun reject him.

Li Ying returns from the borders and warns Zhong Wuyan to be wary of Yan. He is frustrated with his wife and son for setting up a noodle shop in his name. As Mrs Li and Li Qiang have been busy with their business, the Lis’ house is in a mess.

Zhong Wuyan visits the noodle shop and is impresses by Mrs Li’s untraditional ideas.

His wife is so obsessed with the business that Li Ying asks Official Lu to shake Mrs Li’s confidence. His plan backfires.

Adviser Kong and Gao Sou also make futile attempts to help Li Ying ruin his wife’s business. Both get into trouble instead.

Li Ying uses a food poisoning incident to get the authorities to close down the shop. Mrs Li nearly kills herself.




Zhao and Chu are unsure about Zhong Wuyan’s reforms. They send envoys to sound Qi out. Zhong Wuyan and Li Ying deal with them tactfully.

Wei’s envoy, Xu Qi arrives with a question. He threatens to annex Chengci if Qi is unable to provide an answer. Zhong Wuyan promises a reply in 10 days.

Adviser Kong relates how Xu Qi had moved to Wei from Qi when his talents went unrecognized. In Wei, he married a princess and rose the ranks. It is well-known that he is an unfilial son.

Zhong Wuyan makes a trip to Wei to provide the answer to the question. Her insinuations cause Xu Qi to be ostracized by the Wei court.

Zhong Wuyan is forced into the mountains by Wei soldiers.

The Empress Dowager takes Huaixiao back to the palace after watching her perform. When Yuzhi revives her dead flowers, the Empress Dowager lets King Xuan take both Huaixiao and Yuzhi in as his concubines.

The well-pampered King Xuan is oblivious to the danger Zhong Wuyan is facing in Wei.




With Official Liu’s and Official Zhang’s sons serving the Court, Li Ying insists Li Qiang be made a court official as well.

Zhong Wuyan, Pang Fen and the troops return to Qi with much difficulty. She is infuriated that King Xuan has taken in another two concubines. Huaixiao and Yuzhi attack her, and she is taken to task by King Xuan for harming them. Heartbroken, Zhong Wuyan leaves the palace.

Pang Fen repeats his declaration of love, but Zhong Wuyan rejects him. She falls ill, and Ling nurses her back to health. Grateful, Zhong Wuyan makes Ling her sworn sister.

Li Ying gets Li Qiang a job in the imperial library. Bored, Li Qiang combs the shelves and finds many banned and out-of-print books. With his own interests in mind, he orders the guards and maids to make copies of the books. Sales of these bring in great profits for him.

  King Xuan calls for a formal wedding ceremony; he is marrying all three ladies. Wuchangzi poses as a palace maid and infiltrates the palace. Yingchun, Huaixiao (Yingxia) and Yuzhi (Yingqiu) are his disciples. Their mission is to take King Xuan in hand, so that Wuchangzi can assume control of Qi.

Zhong Wuyan pays Mrs Li a visit at the noodle shop and is enlightened by her advice.

During the wedding, the Empress Dowager changes Huaixiao’s and Yuzhi’s names to Yingxia and Yingqiu, so that she can remember their names easily.

Zhong Wuyan returns to the palace and makes all three women serve her tea.

Xu Qi instigates the King of Wei to combine forces with Yan and Zhao and declare war against Qi. Zhong Wuyan dispatches Li Ying to get more information.

Yingchun and the others talk King Xuan into declaring war against Wei.

With Pang Fen fighting a losing battle, King Xuan agrees to Zhong Wuyan’s condition that he put his three concubines in the Cold Palace. She then agrees to set off for the battlefront.
  Using a new invention by King Xuan, Zhong Wuyan leads the troops to victory.

King Xuan visits the Cold Palace and is saddened by his three concubines’ suffering.

Xu Qi tries to harm Zhong Wuyan. Pang Fen is injured trying to save her. Semi-conscious, he mistakes Gao Sou for her and expresses his love.

King Xuan learns Zhong Wuyan has won the battle. He promises to reinstate the three ladies upon her return.

Adviser Kong and Official Lu keep King Xuan’s visits to the Cold Palace quiet. They even claim he has been working day and night to perfect new weaponary.

Xu Qi is stripped of his power after his defeat, and the King of Wei orders his daughter, Wenfeng to remarry. Xu Qi makes plans to leave. Wenfeng vows to stay by his side and is injured during their escape attempt.

As Wenfeng needs the Tianxuanhua from the Qi palace to neutralize the poison in her, Xu Qi sneaks into the palace. He takes Mojiang hostage.
  Mojiang is moved by Xu Qi’s love for his wife. Xu Qi surrenders when, in turn, Pang Fen takes Wenfeng hostage.

King Xuan lets Xu Qi off because of Mojiang and even lets him serve in the Qi court. Upset, Zhong Wuyan throws the king out of her room.

Li Qiang is caught selling banned books. Li Ying pleads on his behalf and gets him released.

Li Ying asks to resign to concentrate on his family’s problems. King Xuan rejects the request but allows him a three-month sabbatical.

Xu Qi returns home and is introduced to Wuchangzi. The latter claims to have saved Wenfeng’s life.

Mojiang convinces her uncle to assign important tasks to Xu Qi. Zhong Wuyan objects. Upset by Xu Qi’s promotion, Pang Fen challenges him to a duel.
  The scheming Xu Qi defeats Pang Fen, and thanks Wuchangzi for his help.

Pang Fen drowns his misery in alcohol. Zhong Wuyan suspects someone has been helping Xu Qi on the sly.

Xia Yingchun sees Pang Fen leaving Zhong Wuyan’s room and spreads tales about them having an affair. The Queen Mother forces King Xuan to lock Pang Fen in prison.

Zhong Wuyan barges into King Xuan’s chambers and tells him off for believing in the rumours. She releases Pang Fen, but refuses to elope with him.

Li Qiang is released after being held under house arrest by Li Ying for several months. He learns about the great Master Xu (Wuchangzi) and approaches him for help to amass a fortune.

Wuchangzi uses Li Qiang to ruin the fengshui arranged by Sage Jiang.

All sorts of illnesses spread in the towns. Suspecting the people are being poisoned, Zhong Wuyan investigates.
  Strange creatures are biting humans in the streets. The people of Qi do not dare to leave their house.

King Xuan and Zhong Wuyan gather Zhang Wu, Liu Wen and Guan Ren for emergenvy discussions. Xu Qi declares he alone can handle the situation better than the three generals.

Mojiang outlines the trio’s weaknesses to Xu Qi, who turns his back on Wenfeng’s advice to lead a simple life.

Travelling incognito, King Xuan witnesses the people’s suffering first-hand. He looks Li Ying up to discuss the problem.

Li Ying advises the three things be done: assure the people that Qi is still strong, train able soldiers to serve the country, and decrease the need for imported supplies.

Zhong Wuyan goes to the diseased areas and draws samples of well water for testing.

Wuchangzi plans to keep King Xuan under control through the use of drugs.

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