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Qi is the strongest country of the warring states. However, internal strife has left it weakened, and the other states are eyeing its territories.

King Xuan of Qi likes new inventions and discoveries. He neglects court matters to brainstorm for new ideas. Gao Sou suffers when King Xuan invents ‘wings’ and insists he try them out.

Word reaches the King about Zhong Wuyan, a lady who runs a school and has a great sense of righteousness. He is interested in employing her.

Premier Li Ying is deaf in one ear. His wife holds the purse strings, to his dismay.

Li Ying attends the morning court session and becomes suspicious of the three new martial arts experts in the palace.

King Xuan travels incognito to check on Zhong Wuyan’s looks; he is considering making her a concubine. The Queen Mother stops him.

Li Ying’s intuition is right. Official Chen and the martial arts experts attack King Xuan during the concubine selection ceremony.  




Official Chen and his experts fall into Li Ying’s trap and King Xuan is saved. The three martial arts exponents are arrested.

King Xuan decides to spare their lives and banish them to the borders. He even lets their families go. Realising the kindhearted King needs guidance, Li Ying seeks Zhong Wuyan out, hoping for her assistance.

In the Ghost Valley he meets her and her teacher, Guiguzi. Zhong Wuyan is not as ugly as rumoured, and Li Ying gets along well with her.

Zhong Wuyan agrees to assist King Xuan and is hoping Guiguzi will join her, but he is unwilling to leave the sect in the hands of his disciple, Wuchangzi. Separately, Zhong Wuyan’s junior, Pang Fen, is quietly in love with her.

As the other disciples are not competent enough, Zhong Wuyan represents her teacher’s sect in a competition against the Wuchang Sect




Zhong Wuyan wins. Wuchangzi sneaks an attack on Guiguzi and poisons him.

Guiguzi realises only Jue Qing Gong can beat Wuchangzi, who has newly acquired skills. However, the person who masters this skill has to be stripped of emotion and he does not want Zhong Wuyan to make the sacrifice.

Li Ying returns to the Capital and tells King Xuan he may have to invite Zhong Wuyan to the palace personally.

King Xuan, Gao Sou, Grand Adviser Kong and Official Lu sneak out at night. The Queen Mother is so angry she falls ill.

King Xuan finds everything refreshingly new and even gets into trouble at a gambling den. However, he realizes there are hordes of people living in poverty and some even sell themselves to bury their parents. He becomes more determined to get help with the management of the country.  




King Xuan is mesmerized when Zhong Wuyan uses her mouth to remove the poison from his body.

To deal with Wuchangzi and his snake, Zhong Wuyan masters Jue Qing Gong. Pang Fen objects, to no avail.

King Xuan wants to make Zhong Wuyan his wife. He goes to Ghost Valley and breaks down when Guiguzi lies that she has died of poisoning. Moved, Guiguzi tells him the truth.

With Li Ying’s help, King Xuan becomes Guiguzi’s disciple. He does not reveal his identity.

Pang Fen does not like King Xuan. He pulls a prank when the king asks about Zhong Wuyan. King Xuan takes revenge by planting explosives in Pang Fen’s path. Zhong Wuyan is hit instead, and her soul leaves her body. She kicks King Xuan.  




King Xuan trails Zhong Wuyan and asks many questions in class to get her attention. When these methods fail, he ingratiates himself with those around her, hoping they will put in a good word for him.

King Xuan uses one of his inventions to help the students get rid of mosquitoes. Zhong Wuyan is impressed.

While out chopping firewood, Zhong Wuyan and her fellow disciples save Ling and learn she has left home to escape her stepmother. Guiguzi accepts her into the school without realizing she is a spy.

Zhong Wuyan is embarrassed when King Xuan expresses his love for her publicly.

Pang Fen challenges King Xuan to a duel. Gao Sou worries, as King Xuan plans to use the opportunity to garner Zhong Wuyan’s sympathy. Zhong Wuyan sees through his ploy.

Wuchangzi attacks Guiguzi’s Sect with Ling’s help. King Xuan and Zhong Wuyan cooperate and protect the school.

  Zhong Wuyan and King Xuan kiss by the river. She knocks him out when she notices a red patch on her face.

Guiguzi tells Zhong Wuyan she has fallen in love while practicing Jue Qing Gong. For the sake of the school, Zhong Wuyan throws King Xuan out and resolves to forget him. Pang Fen is elated. When an army of soldiers turns up at Ghost Valley, King Xuan has no choice but to reveal his identity.

Zhong Wuyan scolds him for neglecting the court and refuses to go with him. The despondent king leaves.

The Queen Mother becomes annoyed with Zhong Wuyan when King Xuan falls ill. Li Ying reluctantly allows him to pose as a soldier and sneak out to Ghost Valley.

King Xuan agrees to give up his riches and live in the mountains with Zhong Wuyan if she agrees to marry him. Moved, she agrees to go to the palace. Ling asks to tag along.

King Xuan is shocked to see scars on Zhong Wuyan’s face the morning after their wedding.  
  Brushing aside Zhong Wuyan’s explanation, King Xuan insists she has lied and flees the room. The Queen Mother is furious when word spreads about the king marrying the ugliest woman in the world.

Zhong Wuyan makes plans to leave but changes her mind and decides to give King Xuan time to accept her new looks. Although the Queen Mother insists they divorce, King Xuan eventually reconciles with his wife.

Zhong Wuyan refuses to cover her scar as the Queen Mother suggests and is irritated when King Xuan takes his mother’s side.

Zhong Wuyan forces King Xuan to go through the court petitions every day. She falls out with the Queen Mother again over the issue of concubines.

King Xuan leaves the palace and unconsciously, walks into a temple.  
  In the temple, King Xuan is attracted to a lady who turns out to be a fox spirit. A priest saves him. The ‘priest’ turns out to be Xia Yingchun, who has been looking for the fox spirit.

Xia Yingchun professes to be able to read fortunes. She tells King Xuan he is a man with great ambition but a recent marriage may bring him harm. He is at a gravestone when he regains consciousness.

King Xuan falls asleep while reading petitions and dreams about dancing with Xia Yingchun in the imperial garden. Zhong Wuyan’s voice awakens him and he contemplates divorcing her.

Zhong Wuyan decides to manage court matters personally. She becomes so engrossed with changing policies that she neglects him, and he is delighted when Xia Yingchun turns up. 
  King Xuan is thrilled to see Xia Yingchun again. He has a good time with her and even expresses a desire to make her his concubine. While determined to marry her, he is nevertheless wary of Zhong Wuyan’s reaction. Official Lu advises him to stay away from Xia Yingchun but is ignored.

Adviser Kong suggests King Xuan use the case of Qiangwei and her lover to find out how Zhong Wuyan feels about men taking more than one wife.

Zhong Wuyan objects to the married Cao Yuan taking Qiangwei as his concubine. She gives orders to let Qiangwei marry her lover.

The Queen Mother pretends to pass out when unable to out-talk Zhong Wuyan. She then tells King Xuan off.

Cao Yuan is furious with Zhong Wuyan. He acts to get the people to reject her new laws.
  The people riot against Zhong Wuyan’s new laws. Li Ying finds out the unrest has been stirred by the rich and many generals at the borders. Zhong Wuyan decides to check things out personally. She refuses to let Mojiang join her.

Xia Yingchun turns up at the palace. King Xuan tells Zhong Wuyan that she is his cousin but tells the Queen Mother that she is Zhong Wuyan’s cousin.

Mojiang sees King Xuan and Xia Yingchun having a rendevous and tells Zhong Wuyan. Official Lu is made the scapegoat and is punished by Zhong Wuyan for flirting with Xia Yingchun.

The group of Zhong Wuyan, Ling, Li Ying and Guan Ren splits up to find out more about the impending rebellion.

Zhong Wuyan beheads General Mo, a traitor. Knowing he no longer has supporters, General Gongsun kills himself.

While out horseback-riding, Xia Yingchun notices King Xuan is attracted to Huaixiao and gets jealous.

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