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An injured He Bo returns to the mortal world. His hatred for Hou Yi gives the flood dragon a chance to control his mind. Jade Rabbit disguises herself as Chang-e to console him but is soon exposed.

The sacred water is said to enable one to forget a love; both He Bo and Luo Bin are eager for Hou Yi to succeed in his mission.

Jiu-ge begs West Empress to help Chang-e, who is determined to become a mortal. The latter tells him to create the Sanwei Fire to rid Chang-e of her powers. Chang-e is then to find Hou Yi in 49 days to gain his true love. If she fails, she will disintegrate into ashes.

Hou Yi finally locates the source of the sacred water. However, he is captured by Sanmiao of the Miao tribe. Luo Bin arrives in time to save him from being burnt to death. She is deeply hurt when he leaves abruptly.

Da-ge suspects something amiss when Jiu-ge becomes unexplainably weak. 









Da-ge discovers Jiu-ge’s plan to help Chang-e. Dijun stops Chang-e from going to the mortal world but relents when she would rather die than stay in the celestial court.

Xihe accuses Dijun of abusing his authority and demands he hand over his powers to her. Knowing it is heaven’s destiny, he agrees to let her take over for 30,000 years.

Hou Yi reaches the sacred cave with Luo Bin’s help. The sacred water is guarded by Wuyou, who warns that Hou Yi will forget all his sorrows upon consuming the elixir. Hoping to be with Chang-e forever, Hou Yi gulps down the water but passes out in agony.

He awakes with no memory of the past. Elated, Luo Bin claims to be his fiancée and tells him they are on the run from evil.

Jade Rabbit enables the weakened Chang-e to locate Hou Yi. He does not recognize her. When reminded of the past, he develops a bad headache.

Hou Yi believes Luo Bin when she declares Chang-e has been the cause of his memory loss. He chases Chang-e away.  




The sky is laced with black snow. Jade Rabbit recognizes that Da-ge is trying to stir pandemonium in the mortal world.

While looking for Jade Rabbit, Chang-e passes out. Hou Yi takes her into his hut. When she hums the tunes Mrs Feng used to sing and promises to take him to his mother, he deems her story far-fetched and decides to leave her.

In vain Chang-e begs Luo Bin to return Hou Yi to her. The latter schemes to make Hou Yi agree to pick an auspicious date for their wedding instead. Chang-e weeps at the news of the marriage.

Jade Rabbit turns to He Bo, who is delighted Hou Yi has forgotten Chang-e.  




He Bo tells Hou Yi that Chang-e is his wife but that he is the man she loves. As such, he is willing to let her go. Hou Yi is disgusted; he rejects Chang-e.

Moved by He Bo’s love for Chang-e, Jade Rabbit tries to persuade her to accept He Bo. Chang-e claims she would rather disappear into thin air. He Bo is furious. 

Da-ge catches Jiu-ge trying to sneak to the mortal world and orders him to be on duty every day, in place of all his brothers.

Chang-e wants Hou Yi to return to their old hut, in the hope that the place might rekindle his memory. He Bo causes him to presume Chang-e has kidnapped Luo Bin and an annoyed Hou Yi decides to marry Luo Bin even earlier.

Despite He Bo’s attempts to win her heart, Chang-e is still determined to wait for Hou Yi to regain his memory. He tortures the villagers in frustration.

When Luo Bin refuses to save Mrs Feng, Jade Rabbit fights with her.

Chang-e is heartbroken when Hou Yi attempts to shoot an arrow at her. Her condition deteriorates, and Jade Rabbit rushes to seek Jiu-ge’s help.  




Jiu-ge steals Xihe’s magic fruit to save Hou Yi.

Chang-e stumbles upon a meeting between He Bo and Ga-ge and discovers the erratic weather has been caused by Da-ge. He Bo expresses his feelings for her. When rejected again, he tries to take her forcefully.

Feeling wretched after one mouthful of the magic fruit, Hou Yi becomes convinced Jade Rabbit is an evil spirit. He hallucinates, as Da-ge has cast another spell on him, and even Luo Bin looks like a demoness to him. Furious with Jade Rabbit for ruining her plan, Luo Bin scolds He Bo for letting Jade Rabbit return to the celestial palace.

He Bo is about to kill Jade Rabbit when she laments about falling in love with a man like him.

Luo Bin insists on marrying Hou Yi immediately, but he gets bouts of bad headaches. She discovers Da-ge is behind it all.

Jade Rabbit and Chang-e hope to feed Hou Yi the entire magic fruit. When they find him, the deranged Hou Yi sees Chang-e as a demon and attempts to kill her.

Jiu-ge finally manages to make Hou Yi eat the fruit. The latter regains his memory and rushes off to save Chang-e, who has been captured by He Bo.

  Chang-e fails to gain Hou Yi’s true love and, as a result, becomes weak. To worsen things, He Bo ties her up with vines. Hou Yi arrives too late to save her but manages to gather bits of her celestial essence.

Upset at being rejected, Luo Bin’s hair turns white overnight.

Fuxi is stunned to see his daughter with a head of white hair. When he realizes she wants to end her life, he urges her to save Chang-e by looking for her lost soul.

The West Empress scolds Hou Yi but finally agrees to help him. She orders the Butterfly Fairy to gather Chang-e lost essence.

Luo Bin, Jade Rabbit and all the butterflies manage to recover most of Chang-e’s celestial essence. The West Empress is about to save her when Da-ge turns up. Fuxi and Luo Bin try to fight him off.

Hou Yi’s tears give life to Chang-e’s body and the couple is reunited. They defeat Sanmiao and save Hefeng village.
  Chang-e and Hou Yi go through the wedding ceremony in Mrs Feng’s presence.

The dejected He Bo and Luo Bin seek solace in each other. When he learns the ‘gexian’ grass can help her regain her black hair, he braves dangers to get it. Moved, she gets intimate with him. Fuxi has no choice but to agree to their marriage.

Luo Bin visits Hou Yi before her wedding. He Bo finds out and the flood dragon alter-ego in him emerges. On their wedding night, he confronts Luo Bin and tortures her.

Sanmiao attacks Hefeng village again. When He Bo refuses to flood the village, Da-ge punishes him.

Hou Yi kills Sanmiao and defeats Da-ge. Annoyed, Da-ge and Xihe embark on their plan to destroy the mortal world.  
  The flood dragon alter-ego finally takes full control of He Bo and he orders the people to present beauties to him or risk their villages being flooded.

Chang-e patches up with Luo Bin, who is determined to save the people and make He Bo reform.

He Bo vows to fight Hou Yi. Worried, Chang-e urges Hou Yi not to spare him, but the latter refuses to believe He Bo would kill him.

Mrs Feng dies during a confrontation between He Bo and Hou Yi. She is hopeful Hou Yi will save He Bo from the flood dragon.

Luo Bin tries to trick He Bo into seeing Fuxi, so that her father can destroy the flood dragon in him. She is trapped in He Bo’s vines instead.

Da-ge plans to burn the mortal world with 10 suns. Jiu-ge cannot bear to see that happen; he drugs his brothers. Da-ge locks him up.

Hou Yi and Chang-e beg the West Empress for help. 
  Unable to withstand the torture, Jiu-ge obeys Da-ge.

Hou Yi and Chang-e are tricked into drinking Xihe’s magic potion. Da-ge wants them to witness the mortal world being destroyed.

Fuxi saves Luo Bin. He wants to combine forces with Hou Yi and Chang-e but is unable to detect their whereabouts due to the magic potion.

Dijun tries in vain to stop Xihe, who is bent on destroying the mortal world. She even puts a curse on Hou Yi and Chang-e, who are to be separated if she fails to create a new world.

The West Empress tells Hou Yi and Chang-e that the only way to stop Xihe is to use the fire bow and snow arrows to shoot down the suns. However, once the mission is completed, the couple needs to part forever.

To save mankind, Hou Yi and Chang-e agree to sacrifice their love. He uses the fire bow to shoot down the blazing suns. 
  Chang-e is about to float to the moon, with Jade Rabbit by her side. Jiu-ge’s soul appears to bid her goodbye. The two women discover Jing-er is in love with Jiu-ge and is devastated by his death.

Xihe refuses to give up. She plans to use her remaining son to help her, and she orders the flood dragon to kill Hou Yi.

Luo Bin uses dewdrops to help He Bo recuperate. However, the flood dragon receives Xihe’s orders and takes over his mind again. He Bo injures Luo Bin and leaves in search of Hou Yi.

Dijun and Fuxi combine forces to destroy Xihe.

On the wat to bid Chang-e farewell, Hou Yi meets He Bo and a fight ensues. Luo Bin turns up and uses Mrs Feng’s deathe to encourage He Bo’s good side to emerge. The flood dragon is forced out of He Bo’s body and shot dead by Hou Yi’s arrow.

A weakened Hou Yi rushes to see Chang-e. He passes away when she leaves for the moon.

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