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Liu An of the Han dynasty has been researching folk tales with his wife, Xun Yue, for a compilation The story of Chang-e stumps them.

The couple and Qiaowen excavate an ancient plot for clues. As Qiaowen is pregnant, her husband. Li Shi, tries to stop her from going to the site.

Just as Liu An and Xun Yue find carvings depicting the story of Hou Yi and Chang-e, they are attacked by an anaconda.

Luan Da is ordered by Emperor Wu to find the elixir of life. When unsuccessful, he suggests Liu An present some of the treasures from the site to the Emperor. Liu An turns him down.

Liu An and Xun Yue have recurring dreams about Hou Yi and Chang-e.

Luan Da seeks revenge by accusing Liu An of keeping the treasures for himself and being a threat to Emperor Wu's throne.

Emperor Wu uses the Empress Dowager's birthday as an excuse to summon the Lius back to the Capital. Liu An has no choice but to dig up all the ancient treasures.

Qiaowen dies in labour, leaving her son, Li Yi, to Xun Yue.

Liu An chops off the anaconda's head during another attack. He is shocked when Emperor Wu insists on using Li Yi as a sacrifice during a river ceremony.




Liu An stops himself from killing Emperor Wu and begs the latter to spare the innocent instead. When Luan Da dies suddenly, the Emperor agrees to let Liu An off and orders him to complete the compilation of folk stories quickly.

Xun Yue dies after the ordeal. Liu An attempts suicide, but his guards urge him to fulfil her wish that the compilation be completed.

Liu An throws himself into his work and hallucinates that Xun Yue has come back to help him. He sees her floating to the moon and is sure she is there.

Chang-e is the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor. She learns how Hou Yi had been banished to earth because of his chivalry, and yearns to lead a mortal life. Jing-er tells her how ruthless mortals can be and cites Hou Yi's bother. Feng Yi, as an example. Feng Yi is extremely jealous of Hou Yi.

A celebration is held when a pig spirit is killed. Chang-e tries to persuade Tongyun not to scatter rain so that Hou Yi and his family an enjoy themselves.

Chang-e sees Hou Yi fighting the pig spirit's friend, Dafeng, and is impressed by his bravery.




Chang-e worries when her eldest brother, Da-ge, decides to release a 3,000 year old flood dragon. She confides in her ninth brother, Jiu-ge, hoping to stop the dragon from creating havoc. Jiu-ge urges her not to interfere, as she is already not on good terms with her mother, Yihe, and her other brothers.

Hou Yi learns about the Flood dragon's release and barges into the heavenly court to confront Dijun. Chang-e hurries to the Jade Rabbit's rescue at word that Da-ge intends to make use of it.

Chang-e helps Hou Yi fight the flood dragon. They are trapped in an ice room. When Hou Yi realises she is Dijun¡¯s daughter, he hurls abuse at her. Jing-er arrives and explains how Chang-e has long admired Hou Yi for his heroism. Jiu-ge comes to her rescue and announces Dijun arid Yihe are back in the palace. Chang-e is unable to prevent Hou Yi from confronting her parents.




Da-ge blames Hou Yi for instigating the flood dragon to revert to its evil ways.

When Chang-e and Jiu-ge speak up for Hou Yi, Dijun decides to let him return to the mortal world. The Jade Rabbit is put in Chang-e's care.

Hou Yi returns to the mortal world. He sees Feng Yi and his father going after Dafeng and tries to help. Dafeng kills Feng Yi's father, but Feng Yi, blames Hou Yi for the death.

Hou Yi tries to guide Feng's soul back to the mortal world, but Da-ge thwarts his attempt.

Chang-e tries to get into Yihe's good books. She has no idea she was borne by a mortal woman during one of Dijun's trips. That is why Yihe detests her.

Mrs Feng falls ill. Feng Yi goes in search of a 1000-year-old ginseng root for her. Hou Yi promises to destroy Dafeng.

Chang-e can hardly control her emotions when she sees the Fengs' fate. She sneaks into the mortal world and meets Hou Yi.




Hou Yi ignores Chang-e. She turns into a butterfly and follows him around. Just as he is about to trap Dafeng, she reappears.

Feng Yi returns with the ginseng, but a gust of wind blows it away and turns it into a ginseng doll. When Hou Yi goes to Feng Yi's rescue, Dafeng captures Chang-e.

Feng Yi is furious when Hou Yi chooses to go after Dafeng instead of looking for the ginseng to save Mrs Feng.

Chang-e subdues Dafeng and is about to destroy him when she suddenly loses all her powers. Hou Yi saves her.

Mrs Feng breathes her last before Hou Yi returns. Chang-e promises to guard her body while he looks for the ginseng.

Feng Meng gathers the villagers to capture Chang-e. whom he presumes is an evil spirit. They plan to burn her alive.

  Mrs Feng’s condition improves. She and Hou Yi manage to stop the villagers from burning Chang-e.

Chang-e falls for Hou Yi.

Jiu-ge senses something amiss while playing with ‘Chang-e’ (Jade Rabbit). He is horrified when he realizes his sister has sneaked into the mortal world. To prevent the Jade Emperor from finding out, he forces Jade Rabbit to look for her.

Both Feng Yi and Hou Yi take a liking to Chang-e.

Jade Rabbit meets Luo Bin (Fuyi’s daughter), who is disguised as a man. She pesters Jade Rabbit throughout her journey.

Everyone except Feng Meng and the witch doctor accepts Chang-e.

Mrs Feng tells Feng Yi that Hou Yi’s features have remained the same over the years because he has consumed a special pill given to him by the witch doctor.

Hou Yi prepares a magic saber for Feng Yi to fight Dafeng. Chang-e aids a reconciliation between the brothers.

Jade Rabbit gets suspicious of Luo Bin when she is pursued by Chang-e’s eldest brother.



  Luo Bin escapes from Da-ge by jumping into water. She meets Jade Rabbit again and finds out her real identity. In turn, she reveals she is running away from an arranged marriage to Da-ge.

Luo Bin decides to help Jade Rabbit find Chang-e.

Feng Yi’s skills improve under Hou Yi’s tutelage and the brothers get along better.

Feng Meng is certain Hou Yi and Chang-e are demons.

Da-ge sets fires in the village to lure Luo Bin out. When Hou Yi defeats him in a confrontation, he vows revenge. The villages become disgruntled and accuse Hou Yi of causing trouble.

Feng Meng kidnaps Mrs Feng in an attempt to capture Hou Yi and Chang-e. Hou Yi promises to leave for good with Chang-e if the villagers release Mrs Feng.

Moved by Hou Yi’s willingness to make sacrifices for his mother, Feng Yi vows to sharpen his skills.

Chang-e discovers fire is created when she touches Hou Yi.







Jing-er warns Chang-e not to fall in love with Hou Yi.

Luo Bin finds Chang-e but is taken away by Dafeng. Dafeng threatens to throw Luo Bin off the cliff if Hou Yi does not chop one of his arms off. Hou Yi saves Luo Bin, and she falls for him.

Dafeng uses the villagers to fend off Hou Yi’s blows. Hou Yi saves the villagers and is finally accepted by them. Dafeng escapes with help from the flood dragon.

Luo Bin and Jade Rabbit are treated as deities. Realising Hou Yi wants to lead a normal life, Chang-e lies to the villagers about their powers.

Envying Chang-e. Luo Bin tells her friend about her own arranged marriage. She hopes to call off the engagement  when she finds a man she loves. Jing-er encourages her to win Hou Yi’s heart.

Chang-e uses her power to save the villagers. She is moved when Hou Yi collects magic dewdrops for her to replenish her strength. A fire nearly breaks out again when they get too close.






  The villagers hope to master skills from Hou Yi to deal with Dafeng. The witch doctor is unhappy about Hou Yi’s rising popularity.

Chang-e is undecided when Luo Bin urges her to make up her mind before she tries to win Hou Yi’s heart.

Mrs Feng learns Chang-e intends to return to the heavenly court and urges her to stay for the Moon Deity Festival.

Feng Yi is saddened when Chang-e refuses to accept a gift from him. Feng Meng tells him about the fire problem between Chang-e and Hou Yi.

The witch doctor agrees to let the flood dragon possess his body and help him destroy Hou Yi.

Hou Yi expresses his feelings for Chang-e during the festival. A fire breaks out when they embrace. Jade Rabbit manages to save them, but the couple loses all their powers.



  The witch doctor uses fire against the flames caused by Hou Yi and Chang-e. The villagers begin to octracise the couple.

Luo Bin is angry with Chang-e and Hou Yi for falling in love.

The villagers decide to learn magic skills from the witch doctor instead, when Hou Yi is unable to defend himself.

Dafeng possesses Feng Meng’s body.

Instead of heeding Mrs Feng’s advice to flee, Chang-e and Hou Yi decide to try regain their powers to help the people.





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