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During the Sars outbreak, medical teams in Singapore work feverishly and valiantly to curb the spread of the disease and to treat the infected.

Siwen rushes to the hospital to visit Sijia. Xiaohu is trying to revive her.

The story segues to the pre-Sars period. Guan Sijia is a dedicated surgeon. She guides interns even while in the operating theatre.

After work, she rushes off to help Beehoon-sou sell noodles and take care of her autistic son, Xinhai.

Sijia's new neighbour, Li Xiaohu, leaves a bad impression on her.

Xiaoyun and the other nurses dislike Matron Daisy, who loves to order them about.

Sijia meets Liu Zhengyu and his wife, Wang Wei, and they discuss the new virus that has broken out in Guangdong.

Yang Meina, a tour guide, returns from Taiwan and meets her colleagues, May and Xiuming, who are just back from Hongkong.

Yang Chong and Yang Yong fight at for business at the marketplace.




Xiaohu is a new doctor at the hospital and Zhengyu's junior. May and Xiuming are hospitalised when their fevers do not subside.

Xiaohu presumes Siwen is Sijia's husband. He feels sorry from her when he sees Siwen behaving intimately with Meina.

Xiaohu suspects May and Xiuming may be suffering from bird flu, but Sijia suspects Sars.

Daisy agrees to organise a welcome party for Xiaohu but delegates the work to her staff.

Nurse Michelle's boyfriend, Weixiong, is a jealous man. He gets uptight when he sees her with Xiaohu. During the welcome party, he confronts Xiaohu and leaves in a huff when relegated to the losing end.

Sijia becomes depressed after she receives a package from the States. It is from her late fiance. When she breaks down, Xiaohu presumes she is upset about her husband's infidelity.




Xiaohu gives Siwen a piece of his mind and is embarrassed when he discovers the latter is Sijia's brother.

Siwen and Meina quarrel over his son, Jason. She contemplates breaking up with him.

Yang Chong and Yang Yong quarrel about paying respects to their late father. When Yang Chong blames Siwen for being incompetent, Meina declares Weixiong should settle the issue.

Michelle is frustrated when Weixiong insists she move house. He turns to Meina for help when she ignores him.

Xiaohu tries in vain to find out why Sijia had been crying the other day. Xiaoyun teases him and urges him to court Michelle instead.

Both patients and hospital staff develop flu-like symptoms.




Xiaohu, Sijia, Zhengyu and Wang Wei suspect May and Xiuming could have Sars.

Xiaohu agrees to take in the pregnant Cassie from Australia. Sijia's impression of him worsens when she gets the mistaken idea that he had deserted Cassie.

Siwen's ex-wife, Surin, returns to Singapore and takes Jason away. Sijia engages in a basketball game with Xinhai, hoping he would open up to her. She is moved when her efforts pay off.

Beehoon-sou is unhappy about the mobile phone Sijia has given Xinhai, but relents when he refuses to return it.

Meina helps Weixiong and Michelle patch up.

Xinhai is robbed of his mobile phone and beaten up.




Sijia refuses to tell Xiaohu about her relationship with Beehoon-sou and Xinhai. Beehoon-sou urges her to leave them alone.

Yang Chong learns his father's tomb is to be exhumed and suggests Yang yong split the cost with him. The two brothers quarrel yet again.

May and Xiuming are still critically ill. The medical staff who attend to them and their families fall sick as well. The hospital decides to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Siwen worries when more news about Sars is reported on TV. Meina recommends a lawyer to him when Surin insists on custody of Jason. Siwen panics upon learning the lawyer has been to Hongkong recently.

  Liao worries when Xiaohu declares he too likes Sijia and will fight with him fairly for her love.

May's parents, Xiuming's boyfriend Ken, and her brother are hospitalized with fever and muscle aches.

Zhengyu and Wang Wei learn the new illness has been termed Sars for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, but little is known about it.

Xiaohu helps Xinhai open up through basketball. While saving Xinhai from a traffic accident, Sijia loses her ring and becomes distraught.

Liao gives Sijia a gift but is scolded instead of appreciated. When he develops a fever, he attributes it to 'heatiness'.

Weixiong is unhappy when Michelle calls off a date to stand in for Ailing.

Ken is put in ICU.

Zhengyu suggests to the hospital board that medical staff be ordered to wear masks and surgery robes and visitors be banned from the wards.

Xiaohu, who manages to find the missing ring, sees Sijia watching a VCD of Xinyang.
  Sijia is overjoyed the ring has been found. Liao sees her treating Xiaohu to coffee and gets jealous. Not long afterward, he collapses outside the hospital.

As more patients and staff fall ill, Zhengyu sets up quarantine areas in the hospital and puts in place stringent measures to prevent further spread of the virus.

Siwen buys masks and vitamin pills for Mei-na, who has to lead a tour group overseas. He gets worked up when Jason's classmate, Kelvin, develops a fever.

Xiaohu learns about Sijia's relationship with Xinyang from Wang Wei.

Xiaohu prepares pizza for Cassie in the middle of the night and offers some to Sijia.

Zhihao is uneasy when he is sent to the quarantine wards. Meanwhile, Michelle is put in a dilemma when Weixiong insists that she quite her job.

Siwen delays marrying Meina because the issue of custody of Jason remains unsettled.
  Liao has Sars. Zhengyu works frenziedly to find out more about the illness.

Surin claims her new husband is impotent and she needs to have Jason.

Beehoon-sou returns the cheque given to her by Sijia, who is grateful when Xiaohu comes up with a plan to make her accept the money.

Siwen takes leave and bans Jason from going to school. Meina is frustrated when he tries to talk her customers out of visiting China. While at the travel agency to buy a tour to Guangzhou, Yang Chong sees many people asking for refunds.

Wang Wei calls off her trip to Switzerland to assist Zhengyu. Zhengyu's son, Tian-en, is upset when he is taken off a speech competition because of his father's occupation.
  Liao's condition deteriorates. Ken dies. Sijia and Xiaohu try to pacify a distraught Xiuming. With support from his family, Zhengyu decides to join the Sars team.

School is suspended when the Sars crisis worsens.

Xiaohu is stunned when Sijia asks to move into his apartment. In time, she finds he has many of the character traits Xinyang had.

Siwen is jealous Jason gets along very well with Surin. The boy even teaches her how to wash her hands to minimize the risk of Sars.

While most businesses are affected by the Sars epidemic, Yang Chong and Weixiong profit from selling sweet potatoes and a Chinese herb, ban lan gen. However, without knowing it, Weixiong comes into contact with a Sars victim while doing deliveries.
  Zhengyu scolds Mr Zhou for giving up hope that his wife would recover.

Siwen sees Jincheng buying donuts for Meina and becomes jealous. He lets Surin take care of Jason while he is at work but is disturbed that they get along so well.

Meina is on no-pay leave. She agrees to take care of Jason.

Michelle does not dare to come into contact with Weixiong as she is taking care of Sars patients. She intends to quarantine herself for 10 days before they register for marriage.

Xiaoyun is heartbroken when Liao dies.

Sars spreads, and the public avoids the medical personnel like the plague. As morale plunges, Sijia tries to find a way to cheer the staff up. Xiaohu helps her.


  Meina buys a hamster for Jason.

Yang Chong and Yang Yong get into another argument.

Weixiong is put under home quarantine.

Knowing Ailing is worried about her children's schoolwork, Zhengyu asks Wang Wei to give them tuition.

Sijia enjoys Xiaohu's company. She visits Beehoon-sao and learns Xinhai is seeing a psychiatrist. In turn, Xinhai goes to the hospital to see her. He picks up a used mask.
  Sijia and Xiaohu are playing basketball with Xinhai when she imagines Xiaohu to be Xinyang.

Beehoon-sao is unhappy that Sijia has a 'new boyfriend' Xiaohu.

Siwen releases Jason's hamster deliberately. Meina scalds herself while trying to find Jason, who has crept out to look for his hamster. She is upset when Siwen shows concern for Jason's injuries only and neglects her.

Xiaoyun sneaks home to visit her parents.

A frustrated Weixiong loses his temper, as being quarantined has caused him to lose money. He insists Michelle resign from her job.

Beehoon-sao takes a feverish Xinhai to the hospital. Sijia is stunned when she blames her for Xinyang's death and accuses her of giving Xinhai Sars.

Feeling intimidated in the hospital, Xinhai refuses to take his medicine. To appease him, Sijia takes off her mask.
  Infected patients and their doctors from the Singapore General Hospital are transferred over.

Zhengyu encourages Xiaohu to make his feelings known to Sijia.

Xiaohu tapes Xinhai's progress and tells Beehoon-sao how Sijia has been taking care of the boy. Moved, Sijia agrees to wear a mask while treating Xinhai.

Weixiong is annoyed when his friends refuse to be at the registration of his marriage because Michelle is a nurse. She finally tenders her resignation. However, when she develops a fever and cough, Weixiong decides not to go through with the ceremony. Michelle is heartbroken.

Troubled that Surin insists on custody of Jason, Siwen returns homes and lashes it out at Meina, who has bought another hamster for the boy. She breaks up with him.

Sijia is overjoyed to learn Xinhai has not been infected by the Sars virus.   (Source: 8 Days)Infected patients and their doctors from the Singapore General Hospital are transferred over.

Zhengyu encourages Xiaohu to make his feelings known to Sijia.

Xiaohu tapes Xinhai's progress and tells Beehoon-sao how Sijia has been taking care of the boy. Moved, Sijia agrees to wear a mask while treating Xinhai.

Weixiong is annoyed when his friends refuse to be at the registration of his marriage because Michelle is a nurse. She finally tenders her resignation. However, when she develops a fever and cough, Weixiong decides not to go through with the ceremony. Michelle is heartbroken.

Troubled that Surin insists on custody of Jason, Siwen returns homes and lashes it out at Meina, who has bought another hamster for the boy. She breaks up with him.

Sijia is overjoyed to learn Xinhai has not been infected by the Sars virus.
  Exhausted by caring for Xinhai day and night, Sijia falls ill. She mistakes Xiaohu for Xinyang. The next morning, however, she gives him the cold shoulder; he is irritated.

Daisy gets Sars while helping a patient change beds. Zhengyu is also infected when he forgets to wash his hands. Meanwhile, Fatimah gets well and returns to work.

Mrs Zhou recovers.

Yang Chong and his wife are shocked when an outbreak of Sars at the vegetable wholesale centre results in it being closed temporarily. Yang Chong gets Siwen to drive him to the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables to sell at the market.

Yang Chong is hospitalized after a fight with Yang Yong. Weixiong removes his mask to answer a call while at the hospital and is infected with Sars.

A feverish Zhengyu quarantines himself.

Weixiong, Yang Chong and Mrs Yang visit a clinic when they feel feverish.

While waiting for the ambulance to take them to the hospital, Yang Chong goes to a nearby coffeeshop to buy coffee and Weixiong makes a call there.
  Depressed about Beehoon-sao's lack of empathy for her, Sijia asks Xiaohu to take Xinhai home.

Xiaohu takes Beehoon-sao to the temple to find solace over her son's death, Surprised when Beehoon-sao urges her to forget Xinyang, Sijia wonders what Xiaohu has been up to.

A helpless Meina calls Siwen while under quarantined. Unaware he has fever, she presumes is too selfish to help her.

Facing up to the reality that he may die, Siwen hands Jason over to Surin and writes letters to Sijia, Meina and Jason.
  Siwen's fever finally subsides.

Yang Yong blames himself for causing his brother to be infected with Sars.

Meina does not appreciate Siwen's concern, even when he takes leave to be with her. He sees her getting along well with Jincheng.

Weixiong lashes out at Michelle and his father. However, when he is with Yang Chong, he breaks down and admits he is afraid he might die.

Xing leaves the house despite being under quarantine. He is ostracized after the media reports his defiance.

Xiaohu arranges for Jin Taijun, the man Xinyang had saved, to meet Sijia and Beehoon-sao. Beehoon-sao realises Sijia is not to blame for her son's death.

Zhengyu collapses while on the phone with Wang Wei. Xiaohu promises to help him create a family photograph.
  Xiaohu rushes to Zhengyu's room with the family photo but is too late. Zhengyu dies. Tian-en and Tianci are shell-shocked.

Ailing consoles the Sars-stricken Xiaoyun and Daisy, who are afraid they too may die. During the memorial, Xiaohu makes Zhengyu the promise that he would help take care of Tian-en and Tianci.

Xiaohu expresses his feelings for Sijia, but she lacks the courage to start a new relationship.

Yang Chong urges Yang Yong to take care of his family when he dies. The brothers finally settle their differences.

Meina refuses to reconcile with Siwen.

A deranged man is warded with a fever. He tries to run away and scares everybody off with his saliva. The risks notwithstanding, Xiaohu shields Sijia.
  The insane man spits at Xiaohu. Afraid he might be infected, Sijia takes his temperature in the middle of the night. He loses his temper at her when she rejects his love again.

To spite Siwen, Meina goes out with Jincheng. She does not get along with him and even becomes a little paranoid about crowded places, just like Siwen does. After re-reading the letter from Siwen, she decides to reconcile with him.

Jason overhears Surin saying he will be a hindrance when Siwen marries Meina. He tells Siwen he wants to be with his mother; the latter is furious. After a heart-to-heart talk, however, Jason comes to understand how much his father cares about him.

Yang Chong and Weixiong are discharged. Frustrated that Weixiong is jealous of Xiaohu, Michelle confides in the latter.

Mrs Yang’s condition deteriorates.
  Meina is annoyed with Weixiong for not showing concern for their mother. Moved by Siwen’s thoughtfulness, however, she aggress to marry him.

Beehoon-sao is hurt while trying to save Xinhai from being knocked down by a vehicle. She is hospitalized.

Siwen and Jason promise to help Sijia take care of Xinhai. Siwen takes him and Jason along while making deliveries for Weixiong. An ambulance siren causes Xinhai to run away. Jason gives chase.

When Weixiong refuses to stop harassing her, Michelle tells him she likes Xiaohu. Xiaohu and Sijia overhear her conversation.

Sijia panics when Siwen tells her Xinhai and Jason have both disappeared. Eventually, it is Xiaohu who finds the boys in the park.

Sijia worries when Xiaohu develops a fever. She forgets to put on her shoe covers while tending to Yang Chong’s wife.

Back home, Sijia reads Xiaohu’s notebook and lights up the blue candle he has made.
  Michelle decides to break up with Weixiong, even though he has threatened suicide.

Xiaohu tests negative for Sars. A relieved Sijia sees Michelle chatting with him and resolves to bring them together.

Before Beehoon-sao is discharged, she tells SIjia she regards her as a daughter and tells her to give consideration to her own future.

SIjia decides to move out of Xiaohu’s apartment and reject his love.

Mrs Yang dies. Meina berates Weixiong for not fulfilling her last wish to see him one more time.

Sijia moves back home and lights the blue candle again. Xiaohu turns up and gets a slap when he tries to kiss her. She also snubs him at the hospital the next day.
  Xiaoyun and Daisy recover.

Michelle coaxes Sijia to have a photograph taken with Xiaohu.

Bored at the hotel, Cassie insists on moving back to Xiaohu’s apartment. She volunteers to help him win Sijia’s heart.

Sijia listens to her ‘101 Proposals’ CD whenever she misses Xinyang. When she ruins it, she is unable to get a replacement. Xiaohu finds one for her but she is still cold toward him.

Cassie tells Sijia that Xiaohu will be marrying her after their return to Australia. Sijia finds a locker key in the blue candle and sees a letter and some candy in the locker in question. She rushes to the airport but is too late to catch Xiaohu’s plane.

Sijia falls ill and is quarantined in the ICU. Xiaohu learns she did not want to inform him, as she did not want him to suffer the misery of seeing a loved one die.
  Xiaohu rushes into the ward when Sijia’s heartbeat stops. He manages to revive her, but she goes into coma.

Yang Chong returns to the market but everyone shuns him. When he considers closing down the business, Weixiong offers to take over. Instead of retaliating when Meina sneers at him, he keeps quiet and works hard at the stall.

Beehoon-sao worries when Yang Chong tells her about Sijia. Hoping for a miracle, Xiaohu tapes a message from Xinhai and plays it to Sijia.

Michelle is surprised by the change in Weixiong when she sees him delivering vegetables to a home for the aged. He buys her a card and flowers on her birthday, hoping for a reconciliation.

Xiaohu keeps the unconscious Sijia updated on all the happenings at home, in the hospital and around the country.

Singapore is finally removed from the list of Sars-affected countries.

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