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Telecast Date: 2 June 1998


During the reign of the Song Dynasty, Guo Jing and his wife Huang Rong met and adopted an orphaned child Yang Guo who is the son of his former acquaintance, and brought him back to Peach Blossoms Island. Yang Guo turned out to be an obstinate and mischievous child. Guo Jing sent him to Quan Zhen school of martial arts. Fated, he then became the disciple of Xiao Long Nu.

Some years later, Yang Guo became a dashing young man. Xiao Long Nu, flattered by Yang Guo's attention on her, slowly fell in love with him. One night, the Quan Zhen exponent, Yin Zhi Ping, seized the opportunity to rape Xiao Long Nu. Xiao Long Nu mistook Yang Guo for the perpetrator of the amorous act and thought he was not sincere towards her. In shame and anger, Xiao Long Nu  left him.

Meanwhile, Guo Jing had gathered his friends and relatives to host a meeting to elect the leader of an alliance of martial groups to counter the Mongol invasion of the country. Yang Guo happened to be there. Guo Jing was happy to see him. The Mongol Grand Advisor, Jin Lun Fa Wang, brought Huo Du in for an uninvited visit. He wanted to usurp the position of the leader for the alliance so as to disperse the Anti-Mongolian force.

At this time, Xiao Long Nu arrived, which pleased Yang Guo. Inspired by her  presence, Yang Guo outwitted Jin Lun Fa Wang, driving him out.. Guo Jing, impressed by Yang Guo's disply of both wits and skills, announced in the presence of all to marry his daughter to Yang Guo. The offer was declined by Yang Guo who made known his desire to marry his teacher, Xiao Long Nu.

As Yang Guo had long suspected Guo Jing and his wife to be related to the death of his father, he joined the Mongols and exploited the Mongol strength to dispose off Guo Jing.

By chance he had gone into the Valley of No Love and was poisoned by Passion Flower. He then got to know that Xiao Long Nu was going to marry Gong  Sun Gu Zhu. They got help from Gong Sun Lu Er and made a deal with Qiu Qian Che to return with the decapitated heads of Guo Jing and his wife in exchange for the antidote.

Time and again, Yang Guo had wanted to finish off Guo Jing, but did not have the heart to do it. At this time too, Xiao Long Nu realised that Yin Zhi Ping was the one who actually violated her. She pursued him with a vengeance.

 Guo Fu thought that Yang Guo was responsible for her sister's disappearance. In her anger, she cut off Yang Guo's arm. Yang Guo was later saved by the Giant Condor.

He received the secret manual of martial art handed down by the exponent, Du Gu Qiu Bai. He then rushed back to Zhong Nan Shan to rescue Xiao Long Nu who was in danger.

The lovers met again... Unfortunately, Xiao Long Nu was accidentally injured by Guo Fu. The wound inflicted on Xiao Long Nu knew no cure. Yang Guo was unable to accept her impending death and wanted to die with Xiao Long Nu. In the middle of the night, however, Xiao Long Nu quietly plunged herself off the cliff. She left a message: Please meet up again in 16 years...


歌名: 预言
: 范文芳、张宇

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