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Telecast Date: 12 November 1996

Li Kai Lang aka Ah Lang (Alex Man) was a simple-minded, honest police officer. However, he did not know that his father was actually a bookie. After he found out the truth, he decided to quit his job. Meanwhile, he got to know Lin Xiao Yun (Fann Wong) and fell in love with her.

Xiao Yun was a very simple girl. On one ocassion, she got to know Li Jia Le (Christopher Lee) but not knowing that he was actually Ah Lang's brother. As time passes, Jia Le actually fell in love with Xiao Yun. But he decided to withdraw after knowing that Ah Lang was the guy whom Xiao Yun loves.

During an attempt to save their cousin, Li Yuan Fan (Xie Shaoguang), from the underground world in Holland, Ah Lang offended the Big Boss, Gao Hong Fei (Huang Yiliang). Just when he was about to marry Xiao Yun, Gao Hong Fei set up a trap for Ah Lang, forcing him to leave Singapore for Holland.

During his stay in Holland, Ah Lang gets to know a girl called Gao Ya Ting (Phyllis Quek). It was after some time that he realised that Gao Ya Ting was actually Gao Hong Fei's sister! Although Ya Ting loves Ah Lang, but Ah Lang knows that Xiao Yun is the one whom he really loves.

On the other hand, Xiao Yun went to Holland with Jia Le to look for Ah Lang. But she was disappointed when she finally found him. Cos Ah Lang is marrying Ya Ting! But unknown to Xiao Yun, the marriage was actually a sham to prevent Hong Fei from killing Ah Lang!

 Xiao Yun was heart-broken and decided to return to Singapore. Ah Lang's family members were all very angry with Ah Lang for treating Xiao Yun in that way. However, Xiao Yun has never blamed Ah Lang for it.

During this period, Jia Le was there to console Xiao Yun and take care of her. Xiao Yun was very grateful and gradually fell in love with Jia Le. On the other hand, Ah Lang has never forgotten about Xiao Yun. Now, Xiao Yun has to make a decision between Ah Lang and Jia Le...

歌名: 别让情两难
: 范文芳、张信哲

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