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Telecast Date: 23 August 1996

The story started with a lost pigeon found in an orchid garden in Singapore. Zhu Zi Qing (Thomas Ong), having found the pigeon with an address tag, decided to send the pigeon back to its owner in Taiwan. It was also because of this pigeon that Zi Qing gets to know Liu Ying (Fann Wong).

During his few days stay in Taiwan, both of them fell in love with each other. But none of them said anything about their feelings. Ultimately, they have to part as Zi Qing has to return to Singapore.

 But Liu Ying did not give up just like this. She tried all means to prove herself that she and Zi Qing are fated to be together. These include paying him a visit in Singapore and studying in the same Australia University as him.

Things could have been fine for the young couple if not for the rumours about Liu Ying. Due to some misunderstanding, the young couple parted for three years before they finally met each other again.

When they finally cleared up their misunderstanding, Zi Qing yet has to face another obstacle - the opposition from his family. Unwilling to give in to family pressure, Zi Qing decided to move in with Liu Ying who was working in Singapore then.

To symbolise their love, Zi Qing went on to research on a new breed of orchid - Firefly Orchid
... Cos Zi Qing loves orchid while Liu Ying loves firefly...

But unfortunately, Zi Qing had an accident and loses his memory as a result. His family put all the blame on Liu Ying and forces her to leave him. When Zi Qing finally regains his memory, Liu Ying has already left Singapore. Few years later in Australia, Zi Qing happened to come across the "Firefly Orchids" which he had wanted to research on previously. Deep in his heart, he knew that it must be Liu Ying who have fulfilled his dream for him... 

歌名: 真爱宣言
: 范文芳

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