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Telecast Date:19 September 1995
Cast: Fann Wong, Eddie Kwan, Cassandra See, Wang Yuqing


Yang Ming Guang (Guan Li Jie) was on his way to the high court when he met some hell riders. Unpleased with the hell riders for blocking his way, he decided to call the police. As a result, Lin Feng Jiao (Cassandra Susan See) and her friends were arrested for car speeding.

On one ocassion, Feng Jiao saw Ming Guang's car at a carpark. Wanting to take her revenge, she ambushed herself and threw coloured water bombs at Ming Guang when he appeared. While trying to run away from Ming Guang, Feng Jiao slip into Ma Jia Jia's (Fann Wong) car secretly. This is also how they got to know each other.

On the next day, Jia Jia was surprised when she met Ming Guang on her first day of work. Ming Guang was asked to guide Jia Jia along before he left the lawyer firm for the prosecution department. Coincidently, Jia Jia has to fight her first case against Ming Guang when she decided to take up Feng Jiao's case. It was also because of this case that Jia Jia and Feng Jiao became good friends.

On the other hand, Jia Jia began to develop some feelings for Ming Guang as she gets to know him better. But Ming Guang already has a girlfriend - Liping. And this really deters Jia Jia from loving him.

It was only when Ming Guang broke up with Liping that he really develops feelings for Jia Jia. However, Ming Guang was rather hesitant in expressing himself as he knew that Yu De (Wang Yuqing) also likes Jia Jia.

 On one ocassion, Jia Jia was drunk and was later violated by Yu De after he had sent her home. Unable to accept the fact, Jia Jia disappeared for a few days. Ming Guang was very worried and started searching for her. Just at this moment, Jia Jia turned up at the lawyer firm. But her attitude towards Ming Guang was rather cold. Ming Guang was rather puzzled over her sudden change in attitude. It was only when Yu De confessed his doings that he knew the reason.



歌名: 一生燃烧这一次
: 玖建

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