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Telecast Date: 13 June 1995
Cast: Fann Wong, Chen Hanwei, Ann Kok, Huang Biren


It was the first day of school and Fang An Sheng (Chen Hanwei) was 'welcomed' in a special manner by his 'problematic' students. No one would have realised that the well-mannered teacher was once a rebellious boy!

Since young, An Sheng had been very rebellious. He was even sent to a boy's home after being caught in a gang fight. The person who managed to change him was a teacher in the boy's home - Ye Tian Cheng. However, Mr Ye died of bone cancer shortly after An Sheng changed for the better.

Although Mr Ye is no longer around, his 'seagull spirit' still stay in An Sheng's heart. An Sheng was determined to become a good teacher and pass on the 'seagull spirit' to all his students.

Meanwhile, An Sheng's father (Mai Haowei) met a mercenary estate agent, Ye Xin Ping (Fann Wong), while promoting his product. Both of them became arch enemies after his father scared off Xin Ping's customers, and Xin Ping reported him for selling fake watches. It was only at the police station that they realised An Sheng was actually the form teacher of Xin Ping's sister - Ye Xiao Jin (Ann Kwok)!

On one ocassion, An Sheng happened to see the 'seagulls' that he had folded for Mr Ye in Xin Ping's house. He was surprised and even wanted to let her know that he was that rebellious boy in the boy's home! But even before he could tell the truth, Xin Ping told him that she would never forgive the boy who caused her father to fall down while chasing after him. Throughout all these years, Xin Ping has never forgotten how his fa
ther got infected during that fall and died earlier than  expected.

Filled with gulit, An Sheng decided to hide his true identity and try his best to compensate the two sisters. However, as time passes, he realised that he had actually fallen for Xin Ping!
Just at this moment, Xin Ping also found out his real identity...


歌名: 海阔天空
: 周华建

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